The Complete Guide To Blur NFT Marketplace

While there is no shortage of NFT marketplaces, Blur is definitely doing something right with over $10 billion in transaction volume. According to Dune, Blur has surpassed OpenSea in several key metrics, including daily trade volume and weekly volume. So, here’s all you need to know about the hottest NFT marketplace today.

blur nft marketplace review

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What Is The Blur NFT Marketplace All About?

The Blur marketplace was launched in October2022 and branded itself as the NFT marketplace for advanced traders. Prior to this, the team members were not able to find a platform that catered to their needs, such as the ability to sweep NFTs across marketplaces and snipe NFT reveals. Thus, they created an NFT marketplace that does not focus so much on the NFTs per se, but the act of trading them. At a glance, traders have a marketplace, an aggregator, and advanced trading tools all in one platform.

Blur Marketplace Team

The team behind the project is anonymous but they consist of personnel with experience from MIT, Citadel, Five Rings Capital, Twitch, Brex, Square, and Y Combinator. The impressive collective experience has earned them the support of various investors and traders around the world such as Zeneca, Cozomo Medici, and 6529.

Recently, Blur Marketplace co-founder Tieshun Roquerre aka “Pacman” doxxed himself. He was a software engineer who previously worked at Teespring, cofounded StrongIntro and also Namebase which got acquired by Namecheap. Quite the resumé indeed.

Benefits Offered By Blur NFT Marketplace

Blur brands itself as the fastest NFT marketplace for pro traders. They promise 10x faster sweeping, zero marketplace fees, ability to snipe rares faster, airdrops for loyal users and more. Recently, they also rolled out their trending tab feature that lets traders see what hot projects are being bought in real time.

$Blur Token Airdrop

The Blur marketplace has offered airdrops for its loyal users. Season 1 airdrop has just ended and eligible users will be able to claim their drop on this page:

With the launch of Season 2, you will want to stay tuned for their announcements on how to become eligible for the next round of airdrops. Here is a Twitter thread on how to maximize your airdrop for Season 2 (keyword: Loyalty).

Official Blur NFT Marketplace Links

Blur Twitter:

Blur Official Website:

(note: You need to login with your wallet in order to use the app)

Blur Analytics:

$BLUR Token Tokenomics

blur tokenomics
Credit: Blur Foundation

The $BLUR token is an important element in the Blur ecosystem, effectively giving the community control over the platform. These tokens were airdropped over 3 rounds, rewarding different types of traders according to their recent activity. 51% of the tokens are in the hands of the community, while the remaining 49% belong to Blur core contributors, investors, and advisors.

$BLUR Token Contract Address: 0x5283d291dbcf85356a21ba090e6db59121208b44

Blur DAO

The $BLUR tokens are ERC-20 tokens that govern key parameters of the Blur protocol. Each member of the community is eligible to vote according to the amount of tokens they own. This is a significant difference compared to other centralised platforms such as OpenSea.

How To List Your NFT Collection On Blur?

If you are NFT project creator and would like to list your entire collection on Blur, here’s what you need to know. Currently, there is no formal application process to list your collection on Blur. The only way is to join their Discord channel and post your request on the #feedback room with details of your collection. Listing is entirely at the discretion of the Blur team. We will update this section if there are any updates.

Royalty Battle

Royalties are one of the most important aspects of the NFT industry. They allow creators to earn profits from secondary sales through smart contracts, which were never available through other channels. However, many zero-royalty platforms have emerged and traders are flocking over to maximise their profits.

Blur is taking a stand by honouring the royalties that creators have set in the first place. Their current structure incentivises and increases royalty revenue within the ecosystem. For instance, traders that honoured the royalty system would have received a larger airdrop of $BLUR tokens compared to other recipients.

Nevertheless, OpenSea’s current policy does not allow creators to collect royalties from OpenSea and Blur at the same time.

In this case, creators have three choices. They can choose to unblock all platforms or block either OpenSea or Blur. If no platform is blocked, OpenSea automatically sets royalties to optional, putting creators at a disadvantage. If creators decide to block Blur, they will be able to earn the full royalty on OpenSea. Blur has since responded by encouraging everyone to block OpenSea instead.

Final Thoughts

Blur has been taking the industry by storm but nothing is set in stone yet. Will Blur take over the number 1 spot moving forward? Or is this just another fad that will fade as time goes by? We will just have to wait and see.