The Complete Guide to Moonbirds Mythics

Moonbirds Mythics is a unique NFT project by PROOF Collective, featuring Moonbirds-inspired art and an intriguing lore centered around the world of Volaria. The project has garnered attention for its distribution methods, utility, and the rich story surrounding the Moonbirds, Mythics, and the ancient evil known as the Dred. This guide will provide a comprehensive understanding of the project, its background, the NFTs involved, and the various aspects that make it stand out in the world of digital art.

moonbirds mythics guide

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Project Overview

Moonbirds Mythics was introduced by PROOF ecosystem leaders Kevin Rose and Justin Mezzell during the Future PROOF event in August 2022. The project features 20,000 profile picture (PFP) NFTs based on Moonbirds-inspired art. Holders of Oddities can burn their NFTs for a Mythic, while Moonbirds holders must nest their birds to receive one.

What Are The Types Of Mythics?

Currently, Mythics are NFTs that come in the form of Stone, Runic, and Legendary Eggs. Each egg type has different probabilities of being obtained and allows the summoner to choose between different Mythics to spawn. Legendary Eggs offer the most variety, with the option to choose between three possible Mythics.

How To Get A Mythic?

To obtain a Moonbirds Mythic, holders of Oddities can burn their NFT for a Mythic, or if you are a Moonbirds holder, the Moonbird must be nested. Both Oddities and nested Moonbirds have equal chances of obtaining rare Mythics.

Mythics' Appearance and Lore

Moonbirds Mythics are inspired by the rich lore of the world of Volaria, where Moonbirds and Mythics coexist with the ancient evil known as the Dred. The artwork features various owl-like creatures, with traits potentially inspired by other CC0 art NFTs. The Mythics are depicted as collectors of art, culture, and creativity.

What Is The Utility Of Mythics?

Mythics provide access to PROOF’s web3 social platform, where users can share galleries and consume PROOF content. This platform is also open to PROOF Collective, Moonbirds, and Oddities holders.

Minting Timeline

Moonbirds Mythics minting started on April 17, with the process expected to take at least 400 days as 25 Oddities can be burned and 25 nested Moonbirds are eligible to receive one per day.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When can I convert my egg into a Mythic?

The Hearth of the Odd God will alight in early June. From that point on, 50 claimed eggs will be selected at random per day to be “activated.” An activated egg can be converted to a Mythic at any point.

  1. When can I burn my Oddity?

You can burn your Oddity when the Hearth of the Odd God awakens in early June. Up to 50 Oddities may be sacrificed in return for a Mythic per day.

  1. How can I check if a Moonbird has already claimed its Mythic egg?

Visit the Moonbird’s detail page; you’ll be able to see under “nesting and rewards” if the bird is eligible for an egg yet (based on its nest level) and whether that egg has been claimed.

  1. Can I use an egg as I would a Mythic?

No, all utility—including submitting or voting for a Lunar Society proposal and accessing the PROOF discord—is reserved for hatched Mythics.


Moonbirds Mythics is an innovative NFT project that combines art, utility, and an immersive story to create a unique experience for collectors and enthusiasts. As the project progresses, it will be fascinating to see how the world of Volaria, Moonbirds, and Mythics continues to evolve, and the impact it has on the broader digital art ecosystem.

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