The Nakamigos NFT Collection: A Mysterious Success in the Web3 Community

The Nakamigos NFT collection, consisting of 20,000 pixelated crypto investor NFTs, is brought to life by the enigmatic HiFo Labs. Despite the anonymity surrounding the creators, HiFo Labs claims to have multiple years of experience in crafting NFT and digital art projects. Let’s look at what this mysterious Web3 project has achieved in just a short span of time.

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What Is Nakamigos?

The Nakamigos NFT project by HiFo Labs has rapidly gained popularity in the Web3 community. With a record-breaking 52,000 sales in just over a week, it has surpassed the Bored Ape Yacht Club in all-time trades. These 20,000 Nakamigos are 24×24 pixel characters that pay homage to Bitcoin’s pseudonymous founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, with the collection’s name meaning “friends of Nakamoto.” The project has sparked intrigue due to the involvement of Sartoshi, an OG crypto artist and NFT influencer, who was previously behind the mfers collection. Sartoshi’s sudden departure from mfers in June 2022 and subsequent return in February 2023 to announce Nakamigos have fueled rumors about his role in the project.

The Nakamigos Artwork And Traits

There are 20,000 items within the collection. Within the Nakamigos universe, there are 12 distinct types of characters, split evenly between human and non-human entities. This variety adds an engaging element to the collection, encouraging collectors to trade and hunt for their preferred types of Nakamigos. With its intriguing origin, enigmatic creators, and the utility of commercial rights, the Nakamigos NFT collection is poised to capture the attention of the NFT community and potentially maintain its position in the highly competitive market.

Who Is Behind The Nakamigos Team?

The Nakamigos NFT project has been created by HiFo Labs, a group that claims to have multiple years of experience in the NFT and digital art space. However, the true identities behind HiFo Labs remain anonymous, adding a layer of mystery to the project. It’s worth noting that Sartoshi, an OG crypto artist and NFT influencer, is rumored to be involved with the Nakamigos project. Beyond these speculations, the identities of the creators remain undisclosed, further fueling curiosity and intrigue surrounding the Nakamigos NFT collection.

This simple website was created by the Hifo team.

What Is The Nakamigos Utility?

One of the key utilities provided by the Nakamigos collection is the commercial rights granted to each NFT holder. These rights empower individuals to capitalize on their Nakamigos NFTs, enabling them to monetize their digital assets in creative ways. This feature is a significant draw for collectors, as it allows them to explore various avenues for generating revenue from their NFT investments.

What Is The Nakamigos Roadmap?

The NFT project has no roadmap or whitepaper announced.

Nakamigos NFT Price

At mint, holders of an End of Sartoshi (eos) Pass NFT at the time of snapshot on 1/27/23 were able to mint Nakamigos for free for each eos Pass owned. For the public, the mint price was 0.01 ETH.

The current floor price of Nakamigos is:

Nakamigos Official Links

You can buy Nakamigos NFT on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Blur.

Official Website:

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