Best AI Tools For Music (Updated 2023)

The amalgamation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and music has spawned a new era of creativity. AI music generators have been gaining momentum over the past few years, redefining the way music is composed and produced. Let’s delve into some of the leading AI music tools that are sculpting the future of the music industry.

best ai tools for music

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How Is AI Music Generated?

AI music generation involves a process where the AI is fed a large amount of music data from which it learns patterns and structures. This is typically done using machine learning algorithms, particularly a type of model known as a neural network. This model is trained on the data, learning the statistical properties of the music such as melody, rhythm, harmony, and structure. In essence, the AI starts to understand the ‘rules’ of music composition through this training process.

Once trained, the AI can generate new music based on what it has learned. You give it a seed, which could be a melody, rhythm, chord progression, or just a genre/style, and the AI will generate a piece of music that follows the patterns it learned during training. This output is typically a raw audio file or MIDI file, which can then be further processed or edited. The result is a unique piece of music that’s created without any direct human involvement.

Benefits of Music AI Tools

AI music tools offer numerous benefits to businesses, creators, and producers. For one, they significantly streamline and expedite the music creation process. By leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, these tools can quickly generate original compositions in a variety of genres, saving creators time and effort.

For businesses and creators, AI music tools provide unprecedented customization options. Users can adjust various parameters such as tempo, key, style, and instrumentation to create music that perfectly aligns with their needs, whether it be for a commercial advertisement, a podcast jingle, or background music for a YouTube video.

In terms of production, AI music tools can enable real-time collaboration, allowing multiple users to work on a composition simultaneously. Some even come with pre-existing libraries of music that users can use as a starting point for their own compositions. Additionally, they can integrate with other music production tools, such as digital audio workstations, for a seamless workflow.

Finally, these tools have user-friendly interfaces that make music creation accessible to users of all skill levels. This democratizes music production, making it possible for individuals without any musical background to create professional-quality music. As such, AI music tools can empower creators and businesses to take control of their audio content, fostering innovation and creative expression.

List of Best AI Music Tools

We’ve curated a list of the leading AI Music tools to help music producers, creators, and businesses leverage AI technology to gain access to royalty-free music.

1. AIVA – Reshaping the Soundtrack Landscape

AIVA, a trailblazing AI music generator, has been at the forefront of the AI music landscape since its inception in 2016. Known for its ability to craft soundtracks for diverse media such as ads, video games, and films, AIVA has always been a game-changer.

AIVA’s debut, a piano solo named “Opus 1,” marked the beginning of its journey in revolutionizing music composition. Since then, it has ventured into creating an entire album and composing music for video games. The platform enables users to compose music from the ground up or to produce unique renditions of existing songs, bypassing music licensing hurdles.

AIVA distinguishes itself with its user-friendly approach, allowing users to generate music across a spectrum of genres and styles by choosing a preset style. For existing music, AIVA provides the option to make edits. Key features of AIVA include:

  • A wide range of presets and defined music formats
  • Robust free version
  • Capability to edit soundtracks
  • Facility to modify existing tracks

2. Soundful – Your Personal AI Music Composer

Soundful leverages the potential of AI to compose unique, royalty-free background music effortlessly. Ideal for videos, podcasts, streams, and more, Soundful’s process is intuitive and user-friendly. Users can simply select a genre, customize inputs, and create their tracks until they find the perfect one.

Soundful’s uniqueness lies in its AI, which is trained alongside some of the industry’s leading producers and sound engineers. By using music theory trained one-shot samples, Soundful ensures that the music created is unique and never replicates any existing songs. Users have the option to start with more than 50 templates across various genres.

Soundful caters to:

  • Producers – Offering unique tracks at the click of a button
  • Creators – Providing royalty-free tracks, eliminating copyright concerns
  • Brands – Offering an affordable way to procure unique, studio-quality music

3. Ecrett Music – Tailoring Music to Your Needs

Ecrett Music brings the power of AI to generate music clips by learning from hundreds of hours of existing music. Its user-friendly interface, combined with a wide array of scenes, emotions, and genres, makes it an excellent choice for both amateurs and professionals.

Ecrett Music allows users to compose music suitable for any video or game, with a royalty-free music generator to sidestep licensing issues. The process is simple: select options from Scene, Mood, and Genre, and let the tool create music tailored to your preferences. The tool also allows users to customize instruments and structures, with options for Melody, Backing, Bass, and Drum.

Key features of Ecrett Music include:

  • Trial version available
  • User-friendly and comprehensive interface
  • Simple music creation process
  • Various subscription plans

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is AI music generation?

    AI music generation is a technology that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to compose music. It can produce music in a variety of genres and styles, and allows customization of various parameters such as tempo, key, style, and instrumentation.

  2. Who can benefit from AI music tools?

    AI music tools can be beneficial for a wide range of individuals and businesses, including music producers, content creators, and businesses needing background music for advertisements or presentations. They provide an efficient and cost-effective way to produce unique and customizable music.

  3. Is AI music royalty-free?

    Generally, AI-generated music is royalty-free. This means that once you purchase a license or generate a piece of music with an AI tool, you are free to use it without having to pay additional fees or royalties. However, terms may vary depending on the specific tool or platform used, so it’s always important to check the terms of use.


In summary, AI music tools can help creators make fresh and unique music and help them overcome their creativity blocks. However, music made by these tools might not always match the quality of music made by humans. When used correctly in the hands on humans, has the potential to make great music.