Nakamigos Cloaks Guide – A Complete Review

Welcome to the comprehensive guide to Nakamigos CLOAKS NFT collection, a highly anticipated release brought to you by the Nakamigos NFT team. This guide aims to provide you with all the essential details regarding the collection, minting process, and rights associated with holding these NFTs.

nakamigos cloaks guide

Table of Contents

What Is Nakamigos-CLOAKS?

Nakamigos-CLOAKS is a set of 20,000 uniquely crafted characters on the blockchain offering worldwide gaming and commercial rights to the holders. Diving deeper, the characters are depicted in various forms and come with a host of attributes and items, creating a rich and diverse pool of NFTs to own and trade.

Nakamigos Cloaks Collection Features

  • Characters: Main characters comprise human-like beings and wolves, with various types and forms, creating a rich tapestry of characters.
  • Rarity Structure: The collection offers a complex rarity structure with different attribute levels, and unique characters having varied forms and rarity levels.
  • Attributes: Characters possess distinct attribute levels represented by colored bars that convey their strengths in various aspects.
  • Items: The collection showcases powerful items including amulets and potions, affecting attribute levels substantially.

Delving deeper into the collection, you’ll find a rich diversity of characters, items, and traits with intricate details. The artwork comes in 24 x 24 pixel dimensions with 2000 x 2000px PNG resolution.

Nakamigos Cloaks Mint Details

Early Access Mint Details

  • Date: 9/21/23 (Thursday)
  • Time: 12 pm – 3 pm EST
  • Price: Free (Updated)
  • Eligibility: Holders from the Nakamigos snapshot on 9/19/23, including supported wallets.
  • Minting Platform: Nakamigos Official Site

Who can participate in the early access mint?

Only wallets holding Nakamigos as per the snapshot taken on 9/19/23 at 11:59 pm EST.

How many NFTs can one mint during the early access period?

One Nakamigos-CLOAKS per Nakamigos token from the snapshot.

Is delegated minting allowed?

Yes, via

Public Mint Details

    • Date: 9/21/23 (Thursday)
    • Time: 4 pm EST
    • Price: 0.05Ξ
    • Eligibility: Open to all.
    • Minting Platform: Nakamigos Official Site

What is the maximum number of tokens one can mint per transaction?

Up to 10 tokens.

Is instant reveal available?

Yes, it may take a few moments to refresh.

What Rights Do You Get With Your Nakamigos Cloaks NFTs?

Holders of Nakamigos-CLOAKS enjoy worldwide gaming rights, allowing any entity to incorporate these characters into games, metaverses, or similar endeavors. The holders also enjoy commercial rights permitting the use of the characters for various commercial and non-commercial ventures, in line with the Nakamigos-CLOAKS license.


1. Can a video game company use Nakamigos-CLOAKS characters in a game?

Yes, subject to terms in the Nakamigos-CLOAKS license.

2. Can a holder create and sell merchandise featuring a Nakamigos-CLOAKS character?

Yes, as per the Nakamigos-CLOAKS license.


Nakamigos-CLOAKS represents an exciting opportunity for both gamers and NFT enthusiasts. With its rich lore, intricate rarity structure, and the freedom it offers to creators and businesses, it stands as a collection with immense potential. Ensure you have all the details down, and get ready for the minting dates to own a part of this exciting NFT collection. Do keep an eye on the official Nakamigos site for the latest updates.