Moonrunners NFT Review – Team, Utility, Roadmap And More

Moonrunners NFT is a collection of 10,000 handcrafted PFPs that features a variety of wolves in pixel-art drawings. At first sight, it may look like a derivative of the coveted Moonbirds NFT by the PROOF collective, however this is far from the truth. In this guide and review, we’ll break down what we know about this NFT which has been trending on the open market as of late.

moonrunners nft review

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Moonrunners NFT Overview

The Moonrunners NFT is a free mint CC0 NFT collection. Which means, by owning one of the NFTs, you are allowed to do anything with it, even commercially as you own the IP rights. These cute wolves are revealed immediately upon mint and there was no allowlisting or pre-reveal. Minting started on 27th June and sold out in in a jiffy.

Who Is Behind The Moonrunners Team?

The Moonrunners team is led by Antix. According to their website, they consist of a team of 6 from across the globe, consisting of artists, developers, lore writers and advisors with strong NFT project experience.

What Is Moonrunners Utility?

According to their website, the Moonrunners team promises no utility as they were jaded with many other projects that were over-promising but under-delivering in this regard. Hence, the focus of this NFT collection is Twitter-based storytelling. This leaves a lot of opportunities for the team to provide benefits to collectors since there is promised deadlines or hard utility. So far, their lore-based tweets have managed to capture the imaginations of the collectors, with some stories racking up 100s of retweets and likes.

What Is The Moonrunners NFT Roadmap?

Again, the team did not promise any roadmap. Instead, their focus is Twitter-based storytelling. That said, the Moonrunner community has recently managed to decipher some code within the public smart contract. What they found was on every “moon phase” change, a function is called which modifies the metadata of the existing NFTs. On 28th June, at exactly 22:52 PM EST, the code ran and all collectors found that their PFPs have an added trait of a moon behind it. Not only has the art changed, the legendary PFPs within the collection became animated. Pretty cool, if you ask us.

					  function getMoonPhaseName(uint256 timestamp) public view returns (string memory phase) {
    uint256 moonPhase = getMoonPhase(timestamp);

    if (moonPhase == 0) return "0 - New Moon";
    if (moonPhase == 1) return "1 - Waxing Crescent Moon";
    if (moonPhase == 2) return "2 - First Quarter Moon";
    if (moonPhase == 3) return "3 - Waxing Gibbous Moon";
    if (moonPhase == 4) return "4 - Full Moon";
    if (moonPhase == 5) return "5 - Waning Gibbous Moon";
    if (moonPhase == 6) return "6 - Last Quarter Moon";
    if (moonPhase == 7) return "7 - Waning Crescent Moon";
moonrunner roadmap
The art has changed after the first moon phase

Notable Moonrunners NFT Holders

The Moonrunners NFT collection has managed to catch the attention of NFT whales and public figures alike. Here are some of the notable Moonrunners holders:

Moonrunners NFT Price

Moonrunners was initially a free mint and the floor price skyrocketed to as high as 0.8 ETH. It is still early so we are excited to see how this project goes.

The current Moonrunners floor price is:

Moonrunners Official Links

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Where To Buy Moonrunners NFT?

You can buy Moonrunners NFT on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and LooksRare

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