Best NFT Tools For Tracking And Research (Updated 2023)

Looking for NFT tools to find the best NFT projects to invest in? Or want to track floor prices of NFT projects? Look no further! Our article goes into detail on the best NFT tools, free and paid. The best NFT investors utilize a variety of tools to help them make the best decisions when investing in a project. These tools help them track prices, find hot projects and find alphas before the general public.

best nft tools for research

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Best NFT Tool To Track Hot NFT Mints is a free tool which allows you to find NFT projects which are burning a lot of ETH gas. When a lot of ETH gas is burned in a short amount of time (example, 5 minutes or 1 hour), you will know that the project is hot or minting really quickly.

When you are tracking ETH gas usage, you can often discover hot NFT projects to invest in or places where you can claim airdrops, as airdrops that have to be claimed often have a high gas usage.

best nft tool to track hot mints

Best NFT Tool To Track Gas Price is a free tool that displays the latest gas prices on OpenSea so you can monitor the gas price while you are shopping for NFTs. It is a Chrome Extension which is safe to install. The source of the ethereum price is, so the gas price is extremely reliable. The gas price is also updated in real-time so you can pay the correct gas fee especially during heavy gas wars.

best nft tool to check gas price

Best NFT Tool To Track Rarity

When investing in NFTs, rarity is an important factor to pay attention to as the rarer your NFT, the more valuable it is, and the price will be higher. The best NFT investors use a variety of rarity trackers to find the best NFTs. is one of the most accurate Rarity trackers in the market. It clearly shows the most accurate NFTs of a given OpenSea collection, sorted by rarity ranking. You can also drill down by specific traits to find the rarest traits. The tool also displays the price of the NFT if it is currently listed for sale.

Rarity Tool Researcher is a free Chrome Extension that displays a direct link to below each NFT within OpenSea. This allows you to quickly see what is the ranking for a given NFT. Watch the video below to learn how to use Rarity Tool Researcher and find the rarest NFTs quickly.

Best NFT Tools To Track Upcoming NFT Launches

The best way to find popular NFT projects to invest in or collect NFTs is by seeing what NFT projects are launching soon. Here are a list of websites which list down the upcoming NFT launches:

  2. Rarity.Tools
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Best NFT Market Aggregator/Sweeper Tools

NFT aggregators sweep listings from multiple marketplaces and platforms and display them all in one place. Here is a list of popular market aggregators:

  1. Genie
  2. Gem

Best NFT Portfolio Manager

NFT portfolio managers keep track of your NFTs which may be in several different wallets, calculates its worth, and lets you easily manage your assets. Here is a list of popular portfolio managers:

  1. Dappradar
  2. Zapper
  3. NFT Bank
  4. Zerion (Available on Desktop & Mobile)
  5. Delta (Available on Desktop & Mobile)
  6. Floor NFTs (iOS App)

Best NFT Project Rankings

NFT project rankings help buyers understand the projects better by analyzing and ranking NFT collections based on key factors such as community engagement. Here are some popular NFT project rankings:

  1. MintyScore (Free)
  2. NFT Scoring (Free & Paid)

Best Tools For NFT Analytics & Sales Data

Similar to NFT rankings, NFT analytics and sales data help buyers understand the projects better. This helps buyers make informed decisions before committing to a project. Here are some popular tools for NFT analytics:

  1. Nansen (God tier, Paid)
  2. Icy Tools (Free & Paid
  3. Compass Art (Free & Paid)
  4. NFT Nerds (Free & Paid)
  5. Moby (Free & Paid)
  6. NFT Go (Free)
  7. NFT Hud (Paid)


We hope you have found these NFT tools useful and we hope they will give you an advantage when looking for your next NFT. If you liked this article, do share it with your friends. Also, do share in the comments below some of your favourite NFT tools.