Memeland NFT Review: Team, Utility, Roadmap And More

Most of us are familiar with 9GAG and the work they have done for more than a decade. The #1 source of memes is now venturing into the web3 space starting with their Memeland NFTs. If history is any indication, you might want to pay attention to this project.

memeland nft review

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What Is The Memeland NFT Project All About?

Captains and their pirate crews are racing to find Memeland, a legendary treasure island promising glory, fortune, love, and the best memes in all of Broken Sea. At the moment, the project has two NFT collections, ‘You The Real MVP’ and ‘The Potatoz’. However, these are just prequels to their main NFT collection, the ‘Memeland Captains’.

Who Is Behind The Memeland NFT Project?

Memeland is the ‘Memetaverse’ of 9GAG, a Hong Kong-based social media website with a global audience of over 200 million. The company has established a strong presence across most major social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tik Tok. Currently, the company is building their web3 ecosystem through Memeland.

Besides the strong foundation of the company, they have successfully built an All Star team of advisors and investors. They include VeeFriends’ Gary Vee, Moonbirds’ Kevin Rose, Hypebeast’s Kevin Ma and many other big names in the space. With these members onboard, it’s hard to imagine how this project can go wrong.

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What Is The Memeland NFT Utility?

The team has designed $MEME to be the Memeland governance token, while also supporting the creator economy. It fundamentally sits at the core of the entire ecosystem. Another essential component of the Memetaverse is the NFT collections. Each Memeland NFT provides a different set of utilities.

The first collection to drop was the ‘You The Real MVP’ NFTs. They are the most exclusive ones to exist. There are only 420 of these MVP tokens, purposefully made to reward the passionate community. Owners of these tokens will get 2 Memeland Captains each, and automatic allowlist spots for all future Memeland drops. Besides, they will also get special roles in the Discord channel.

You The Real MVP - MVP #106. Credit: OpenSea

However, the main characters in the Memeland ecosystem are the Memeland Captains. They are still in the pipeline as we speak. This collection will feature 9,999 PFP NFTs that will yield $MEME tokens for years to come, grant access to exclusive events and private club memberships, and give priority to future Memeland drops.

Lastly, the Potatoz collection features 9,999 utility pfp NFTs, doubling as a ticket into the Memeland ecosystem. For now, all we know is that the current NFT is not in its final form, but who knows what these Potatoz will turn into next. Furthermore, this collection has some secret utility that involves the MVP NFTs and the $MEME tokens. We just have to wait and see.

the potatoz nft
Potatoz #2114. Credit: OpenSea

What Is The Memeland NFT Roadmap?

9GAG has announced that there will be no roadmap for this project. Instead, every action will be pointing towards their ultimate mission, which is to connect web2 and web3 and empower creators along the way. With their excellent track record dating back all the way to 2008, this project should be in safe hands.

Memeland NFT Price - How Much Do They Cost?

At the time of writing, You The Real MVP NFTs sit on a floor price of 37 ETH with a total trading volume of 1.1k ETH. This comes as no surprise given the exclusivity of the collection. Whereas the Potatoz NFTs have a floor price of 1.29 ETH with a total trading volume of 10k ETH.

Where To Buy Memeland NFTs

You can buy Memeland NFTs on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, LooksRare, and X2Y2.

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