How To Get OpenSea Verification For My NFT Collection

Have you noticed accounts and collections on OpenSea with blue checkmarks next to the names? In this article, we will explain how to get verified on OpenSea, the eligibility guidelines, and more!

how to get opensea verification

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What is an OpenSea Verified Account or Collection?

opensea verified account and collection

In OpenSea, there are two types of verification – Account Verification and Collection Verification. Accounts and collections with a blue checkmark have been verified by OpenSea. This is based on OpenSea’s discretion, although there are guidelines that list the minimum criteria for verification eligibility.

OpenSea’s Guidelines for Account Verification Eligibility

The following are OpenSea’s minimum guidelines for account verification eligibility.

  • Buy an NFT on OpenSea (or sold one or more NFTs) in the past three months
  • Have a profile picture and banner added
  • Have an email address added
  • Not previously restricted on OpenSea or violated terms of services.

After an update in May 2022, the following details are also required when applying for verification:

  • Profile image
  • Username
  • Verified email
  • Connected Twitter account

Criteria for OpenSea Account Verification Review

OpenSea has four additional criteria that make accounts eligible for review to be verified. It should be noted that meeting these criteria may not guarantee a review for verification as it is solely up to OpenSea’s discretion.

  1. Created by or closely associated with notable people and companies
  2. Uncommonly notable artistic, technical, social innovations or merit
  3. Urgent and severe fraud risk
  4. Already verified by established social media platforms

In May 2022, OpenSea updated their verification criteria to be less opaque. With this update, any account with 100 ETH in volume or more will be invited to apply for verification. The platform also plans to broaden the eligibility criteria to include the project’s presence on Twitter and Discord, although specific details are not published yet.

Ineligible Accounts

  • Accounts indicating a willingness to or are engaged in manipulative or deceptive trade practices
  • Collections using material that infringe copyrights without a license
  • Accounts operated by those under the age of 18 years old, even if the account belongs to a parent/guardian
  • Violated OpenSea’s terms of services

Criteria for OpenSea Collection Verification

  • Created by high-profile public figures or organisations
  • OR: Reach a trading volume of 100 ETH+ on OpenSea, collections items revealed
  • In line with community guidelines

OpenSea may also request additional information to confirm the authenticity of the collection and developers, such as asking for draft files and contact information.

At the present time, spin-off, homage, and remix collections are not verified to avoid confusion about their relationship with the original project.

OpenSea made some changes in May 2022 to update the verification criteria for collections. Collection verification badges now identify both collections that are owned by verified accounts and have significant sales or interest. The platform intends to broaden the eligibility criteria for collections in the future.

Loss of Verification

Users may lose verification if they engaged in conduct that disqualifies them from verification eligibility, ie. breaking any of the guidelines. Accounts may even be banned if it is found to be in violation of OpenSea’s terms of services.

How to Identify OpenSea Verified Accounts and Collections

In OpenSea, there are two types of verification – Account Verification and Collection Verification. Here’s an example of an OpenSea account and collection that are both verified. Note that there are blue checkmarks next to the project name as well as the developer’s account name.

opensea verified account and collection

Here’s an example of an OpenSea developer account that is verified, but the collection is not verified.

opensea verified developer

How to Get Verified on OpenSea

Once your account or collection has met the minimum requirements, you may apply to be reviewed for verification by using this form.

After the update in May 2022, accounts that are eligible for verification will now see the following banner at the top of the page.

OpenSea Verification Application Banner

Once you click “Apply”, you will be redirected to the “Profile Settings” page where you will need to add the following details to your account in order to be reviewed for verification:

  • Profile image
  • Username
  • Verified email
  • Connected Twitter account

Once the account is verified, the platform will contact the user via email to invite them to badge their collections with at least 100 ETH in volume. Then, they can set a collection name, add a logo and banner, and connect a Twitter account to their collection.

OpenSea responds to all account verification and collection badging requests within seven days.