Top 25 NFT Influencers To Follow

Are you new to NFTs and looking for influencers to follow? There are so many notable influencers out there that it can be difficult to know who are trusted sources of information. Our article lists the Top 25 NFT Influencers to Follow!

top 25 nft influencers to follow

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1. Irene Zhao

Irene is a Singapore-based crypto and NFT influencer who founded So-col, a community-centric platform for fans and creators which aims to make Web3 and NFTs more accessible, affordable, and eco-friendly.

A crypto-native, she has previously worked as the CMO at a Fintech firm and has amassed a huge following on Twitter and Instagram. She recently went viral in the NFT space because of an NFT collection called IreneDAO which saw phenomenal success— recording around 2300 ETH in volume traded within its first two weeks. Part of the funds raised from the project has been donated to causes aimed towards fighting child sexual exploitation.

Followers: 164k
Irene Zhao’s Twitter

2. Beanie

Beanie is well known for being a trove of information for NFT enthusiasts. Unlike other Twitter pages on our list that are largely focused on collecting or creating NFTs, Beanie’s Twitter is focused on providing information to its followers about cryptos, NFTs and trading. Beanie regularly posts advice about selling and investing in NFTs.

Followers: 184k
Beanie’s Twitter

3. Bored Ape Yacht Club

(Special Mention) Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) by Yuga Labs is the most talked-about project in 2021. BAYC has grown beyond being an NFT project, attracting the likes of Hollywood celebrities such as Jimmy Fallon and Timbaland which propelled it to mainstream attention. Today, BAYC is one of the top NFT collections, with $1.41 billion in total volume traded.

Followers: 825k
Bored Ape Yacht Club’s Twitter

4. Cozomo de’ Medici

Cozomo de’ Medici is a mysterious yet influential figure in the NFT world who is self-described as a “grand patron of the digital arts”. He has amassed a collection of $17 million worth of tokens and has previously broken sales records, rapidly becoming one of the biggest stars in the NFT world. It is also commonly known that this is the alter ego of Snopp Dogg.

Followers: 235k
Cozomo de’ Medici’s Twitter

5. Crypto Baristas

Crypto Baristas are a unique, NFT-funded cafe in New York City. Established in early 2021, Crypto Baristas are now looking to expand and open new locations, as well as start an educational space in the city.

Followers: 10.7k
Crypto Baristas’ Twitter

6. DeezeFi

DeezeFi is the director of fractional_art which is a project that enables the fractional ownership of NFTs. DeezeFi has his hands full as he is also the man behind NEONDAO, which allows users to create detailed avatars in the metaverse.

Followers: 209k
DeezeFi’s Twitter

7. Devin Finzer

Devin Finzer is the co-founder and CEO of OpenSea, the leading marketplace for NFTs. He was formerly a software engineer with Pinterest and Google. In five short years since OpenSea was launched in 2017, it is now the largest decentralized marketplace for NFTs with a $82.5m turnover as of 2021.

Followers: 62k
Devin Finzer’s Twitter

8. Dikasso

Dikasso is an NFT creator and influencer. Not only that, but he is also a VR artist and avid NFT collector. His vast collection of NFTs includes work from Rarible, Tide Estates, and Based Fish Mafia. While Dikasso claims that he is not an influencer, he’s a favourite among fans and has created a great community that is rapidly growing.

Followers: 24.5k
Dikasso’s Twitter

9. Dingaling

Dingaling is an OG and “Diamond Hand” in the NFT World. He is an investor and advisor to LooksRare, a marketplace where you can trade NFTs and get rewards. As of April 2022, Dingaling currently has 112 BAYC, 100 Cool Cats, 51 Gutter Cat Gang, 50 Ghxsts, 26 Toadz, 36 Azuki, 8 Punks, 1 Noun and many more in his collection – making him one of the wealthiest NFTs collectors.

Followers: 112.8k
Dingaling’s Twitter


FEWOCiOUS is a passionate young artist who found great success in a series of NFT drops that are worth over $17m. His works were so popular among collectors that it managed to crash the Christie’s auction house website. Now based in New York, FEWOCiOUS is one artist to keep your eye on!

Followers: 128k
FEWOCiOUS’ Twitter

11. Gary Vaynerchuk (garyvee)

Gary Vaynerchuk is a social media mogul and popular NFT influencer cum creator. He started Veefriends to cultivate a community and to provide value to token holders. His Instagram page is a great place for resources for NFT newbies and veterans alike. His NFT collections are on display for users to view and he also offers educational sessions about the Metaverse.

Followers: 9.9m
Garyvee’s Instagram
Garyvee’s Twitter

12. Giancarlo buys tokens

Giancarlo buys tokens is a YouTube channel that is focused on only NFTs. He regularly posts videos that provide great information, especially to beginners. Some of his most popular videos are about how he consistently picks NFTs that multiply in value and the best minting strategies.

Subscribers: 100k
Giancarlo buys tokens’ YouTube

13. GmoneyNFT

Gmoney is a self-described NFT futurist who famously tweeted about why he purchased CryptoPunk for 140 ETH back in 2021. In his tweet thread, he explained the potential of NFTs and its position as a status symbol in the community. This is one Twitter page you’ll want to keep an eye out for!

Followers: 249k
GmoneyNFT’s Twitter

14. j1mmy.eth

J1mmy.eth is the founder and CEO of nft42. Nft42 is known for its two products – Avastars, a generative vector art project that combines unique traits and genes, and Nameless, which lets brands launch and manage their own NFT projects.

Followers: 125k
J1mmy.eth’s Twitter

15. JRNY Crypto

JRNY Crypto is an NFT influencer who is a great resource for crypto and NFT investments. JRNY Club was founded by Tony as a hub for creators to develop NFTs, as a community for NFT enthusiasts, to share news about trending topics, and to trade NFTs.

Subscribers: 664k
JRNY Crypto’s YouTube

16. Krista Kim

Krista Kim founded the Techism Movement which is about bridging technology with art. Krista is also an NFT artist with Mars House. She tweets about NFTs, the metaverse, and other trending topics in the world of NFTs.

Followers: 19.1k
Krista Kim’s Twitter

17. Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is an entrepreneur who is a big name in the world of NFTs and cryptos. Cuban was more focused on crypto until the sudden popularity of NFTs caught his attention. He was featured on Shark Tank and he’s a fave among followers for personal and financial advice.

Followers: 1.8m
Mark Cuban’s Instagram
Mark Cuban’s Twitter

18. NFTNick.eth & Pio Vincenzo

NFTNick is one half of NFT Morning Alpha, one of the top NFT shows on Twitter Space. Nick and Pio Vincenzo host the show every day to talk about NFTs and share any insights they may have with their viewers. Nick is also the founder of and the host of the NFT Nick Show Podcast.

Followers: 33k
NFTNick’s Twitter
Pio Vincenzo’s Twitter

19. NounsDAO

(Special Mention) NounsDAO is an NFT project that is notable for being innovative with the web3 space. The unique generative NFT project generates an avatar based on a noun and auctions it off daily. It famously partnered with Bud Light, a beer company, for an ad that ran during the Super Bowl featuring Noun DAO’s iconic glasses.

Followers: 48k
NounDAO’s Twitter

20. OhhShiny

OhhShiny is the host of the OhhShiny Show, which broadcasts on Twitter Spaces five times a week and invites some of the best minds in NFTs as co-hosts. OhhShiny tweets daily about upcoming NFT projects, motivational words, advice, and more. OhhShiny is known for giving a voice to others in the world of NFTs.

Followers: 144k
OhhShiny’s Twitter

21. PranksyNFT

One of few women in the world of NFTs, Pranksy is a dynamic figure in the community. She founded NFTBoxes which is a subscription service that provides boxes of curated NFT collectables to users. There have been quite a few artists who have signed on to NFTBoxes, adding value to the project. If you don’t know where to start, this would be a good place for you to learn.

Followers: 23k
PranksyNFT’s Instagram

22. RealMissNFT

RealMissNFT is the founder of Metanatics. Collectors of this cyberpunk-inspired NFT collection will obtain lifetime membership to Metaverse events hosted on platforms such as Sandbox and Decentraland. The project plans to organize events such as music festivals, comedy shows, exhibitions, meetups, and auctions. Other utilities for holders include early access, wearables, airdrops, and more. It is certainly one project to keep an eye on!

Followers: 168k

23. Snoop Dogg

Perhaps the most well-known name on our list, Snoop Dogg, the famed rapper, is also a big name in the world of NFTs. He has a vast collection of NFTs worth $17m and his dream is to turn his record label (Death Row Records) into the first NFT musical label. Snoop Dogg also collaborates with Sandbox where you can find a huge plot of land dedicated to Snoopverse, a place where you can enjoy Snoop Dogg Metaverse experiences. 

Followers: 72.2m
Snoop Dogg’s Instagram
Snoop Dogg’s Twitter

24. The NFT Times

If you’re a newbie to NFTs, we recommend that you check out The NFT Times as they’re a great resource page. This page covers the basics of NFTs, such as how to buy and sell NFT art for beginners, and other important trends that a newbie should know.

Subscribers: 53k
The NFT Times’ YouTube

25. ZssBecker

Based in Texas, Alex Becker is the game maker of NEO Tokyo City and a popular tech entrepreneur. He has a wide following on YouTube as well as Twitter. Alex regularly posts videos about flipping crypto coins and trading tips.

Followers: 817k
ZssBecker’s Twitter