GODA NFT Mint Pass Benefits, Review And More

The Gallery of Digital Assets (GODA) partners with traditional artists to navigate the digital art space, which can sometimes be a little daunting. Through this platform, these artists can have seamless and impactful drops that respect the value of their individual art. Let’s have a closer look at their exclusive GODA Mint Pass NFTs.

goda mint pass review

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What is the GODA Mint Pass NFT?

The GODA Mint Pass is essentially your ticket to all future GODA artist releases, guaranteeing you exclusive access to drops which includes physical and digital artworks, and even the artists themselves.

The GODA team helps artists to leverage the range of new technologies in a way that feels organic and true to their creative voices. They specifically curate collections which include renowned figures from the traditional art world as well as hand-picked up and comers. As such, GODA Mint Pass holders do not need to filter the good from the bad ones themselves.

On 17–19 June 2022, the team organized ‘Something In The Water’, an in-person event in Washington, D.C. There were multiple stages and tons of live performances. All in all, an awesome experience.

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The GODA Mint Pass Team

The crew behind the GODA Mint Pass NFTs is big time, to say the least. These are some of the biggest names in consumer, art, music, NFT, and fashion. Pharrell Williams teamed up with Shaun Neff as they were joined by a couple of artist advisors, KAWS and Nina Chanel Abney.

Being a traditional artist herself, Nina completely understands the overwhelming fear of stepping into the digital realm. Nevertheless, she is now the first artist to drop an NFT collection on the GODA platform.

The core team also includes artists, designers, NFT experts, art dealers, and advisors. With their collective skills and experiences, they can provide a holistic approach in onboarding traditional artists into the NFT space.

Here is the full list of team members as listed on their website:

  • Nina Chanel Abney – Artist Advisor
  • Shaun Neff – Brand Whisperer
  • Pharrell Williams
  • KAWS – Artist Advisor
  • Todd Kramer – Artist Relations
  • Easy Otabor -Creative Advisor & Artist Relations
  • Nick Adler – Advisor
  • Brittni Hudson – Socials
  • J1mmy.Eth – Founder of Nameless and respected NFT collector.
  • Ken Nelson – Design
  • Andrew Drayton – NFT/Web3 Advisor
  • Casey – Community Manager
  • Ryan Ross – Ross+ Kramer Gallery owner

As the GODA team continues to onboard more artists, Mint Pass holders will get priority mint and allowlist opportunities for all these drops. Collections with over 5k NFTs will reward holders with 2 mints each, whereas collections with 1.5k-5k NFTs will give them 1 mint each. For smaller collections, the team will evaluate and treat them on a case by case basis. In any case, holders will always have top priority.

Goda Mint NFT Floor Price - How Much Do They Cost?

There are only 1,000 GODA Mint Pass NFTs, with only 44 up for sale on the secondary market at the time of writing. While its mint price was 1 ETH back then, these exclusive passes now have a floor price of 7.5 ETH and a total trading volume of 3.1k ETH. The current Goda Mint NFT floor price is:

Where to buy the Goda Mint Pass NFTs?

You can buy Goda Mint Pass NFTs on OpenSea, Rarible and LooksRare.

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