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In this article, we will cover the best free AI art generators on the market today.

Introduction To AI Art

Algorithmic art has taken the NFT market by storm, most recently by Tyler Hobbs’ QQL NFT collection which raised more than $17 million in one afternoon. AI artwork is impressive to say the least, and is increasingly being recognized as art. If you want to get some skin in the game, here are some AI art generators you should definitely check out.

What Is AI Art?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) artwork refers to art generated with the assistance of AI. These are basically machines that are capable of performing tasks that conventionally require human intelligence. Today’s AI technology can mimic human intelligence, and even simulate the human brain through a set of algorithms.

One of the more popular AI art generation technologies is VQGAN+CLIP. Vector Quantized Generative Adversarial Network (VQGAN) is good for generating images that look similar to others, while Contrastive Language–Image Pre-training (CLIP) is used to determine how well a prompt matches an image. These are two different machine learning algorithms that when used together, generate images using a text prompt. The mastermind behind this method, Katherine Crowson, has since moved on to develop a similar but much faster algorithm, Stable Diffusion.

Stable Diffusion technology is now accessible to all of us through various AI art generators. They can help us automate repetitive tasks, mimic the styles of past artists, and ultimately create original works of art. In this context, you too can be an artist.

ai artwork
AI-generated Edmond de Belamy, from La Famille de Belamy, sold for $432,500. Credit: Christie’s

Best AI Art Generators For NFTs

Looking for tools to help you generate AI art? Here is our top picks for the best NFT AI Art Generators:

1) DALL·E 2

OpenAI’s DALL·E 2 takes simple text descriptions and turns them into original, photorealistic images. It can also edit existing photos based on simple natural language descriptions, including removing or replacing elements of the original image. Through deep learning technology, it understands individual objects and learns from the relationship between these objects, allowing it to create these never-before-seen images.

While this technology is still evolving, DALL·E 2 gives the public an opportunity to understand how AI systems see and understand our world. It also allows us to better express ourselves through these generative artwork. Currently, the beta version is unable to generate violent, hate, or adult images. This prevents the training data from being exposed to explicit content, curbing misuse.

DALL.E 2 Website

2) Artbreeder

artbreeder ai
Super realistic portrait using Artbreeder’s Splicer mode. Credit: @Artbreeder

Artbreeder has successfully built a vibrant art community around their AI art generator. They have two unique tools, namely artbreeder collage and splicer. Artbreeder collage allows users to make a simple collage from simple shapes and images, then describe it with a prompt. The tool then renders an image based on the available inputs and the results are simply amazing. On the other hand, splicer gives users various options to breed portraits, landscapes, buildings, and more. For instance, splicer allows you to change the age and gender of an existing portrait.

Artbreeder Website

3) NightCafe

This AI art generator is specifically created for the NFT industry, allowing you to create an entire NFT collection in mere minutes. Similar to DALL·E 2, NightCafe is a code-free art creation tool that uses text-to-image technology. Everyone has 5 free credits a day, or you can opt for any of their available Pro packages starting from $9.99.

NightCafe Creator comes with several useful features for NFT creation. You can start off by choosing between three different algorithms to adjust how artistic, coherent, and realistic you want your art to be. There is also the Style Transfer feature, which allows you to create photos using existing artistic styles. In addition, the ‘bulk create’ mode allows you to create 100’s of NFTs in a few minutes.

NightCafe AI Art Generator Website

4) Starryai

A bungalow in the middle of the Atlantic + storybook illustration. Credit: starryai

Starryai takes AI art generation to the next level by bringing the technology to iOS and Android. Users can now use starryai on their phones, creating AI art on the go. Users first select their AI to create abstract, cohesive, or artistic images. This narrows down the possibilities according to the respective user’s preferences. After entering the prompt, users can also choose to add various styles, such as pop art, psychedelic, storybook illustration, and more. While the rendering takes longer than the previous options, it is certainly worth the wait.

Starryai Website

5) Google Colab

Finally, if you want to dive deeper into the rabbit hole, you can choose to run the original code by Katherine Crowson. When she developed VQGAN+CLIP, she made it public by publishing the complete code on Google Colaboratory. Since then, many entities have tweaked it and came up with different versions. This option is more complex than using the above tools but can offer more flexibility.

First, users will have to download the required Python packages on their respective devices, then choose one of the many available models. Users also need to download a bunch of libraries for the neural network. After keying in the necessary parameters, the art generator will be good to go.

Nevertheless, iIf AI art generators just aren’t your cup of tea, do check out these alternative options to create your NFT artwork.

6) Midjourney

Similar to OpenAI’s DALL-E, Midjourney is an A.I powered text-to-art tool which can help you generate drawings for your NFT collection. To use Midjourney, you will need to send your prompt in the Midjourney Discord. Once you’re inside, you can just send a prompt in one of the newbie channels by typing “/imagine prompt your prompt”.

For example: /imagine prompt flying monkeys

Once generated you can download it directly to your computer.

midjourney prompt
Example of image generated by Midjourney

How To Generate AI Artwork For Free?

You can generate AI Artwork for free for your NFT projects using the suggestions here on

Can You Sell AI Generated Artwork?

There are many opinions on this but the general consensus is you can. According to Nightcafe, it is because AI artwork generators are seen as a tool for artists, similar to a camera for a photographer. Hence, the artwork is not “owned” by the tool. When in doubt, please seek professional legal advice.