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What Are Good NFT Ideas?

Are you looking for good NFT ideas?

The easiest way to generate a good NFT idea is to try not to re-invent the wheel. There is a proven formula for launching successful NFT projects.

The first step to launching a good NFT project is to come up with the art. Use our NFT idea generator above to come up with a cool idea for your NFT.

Typically, an NFT project will consist of a noun (like an animal) + a word which implies a community. For example, Monkey Club.

Best NFT Ideas 2023

We’ve analyzed some of the best-performing NFTs in 2022. If you are looking to launch your NFT project and are looking for the best NFT ideas, here are a list of NFT categories which stand out and have performed well in terms of reach and sales volume:

NFT Utility Ideas

Are you looking for good NFT utility ideas?

The best NFT projects are able to sell out and attract investors because they have attractive NFT utilities. These added benefits give potential buyers more reason to collect your NFTs.

Some proven NFT utility ideas include:

  • Airdrops
  • Giveaways
  • Exclusive access
  • Merchandise
  • Community
  • Whitelist opportunities

And many more!

In summary, the key to launching a successful NFT project is to first come up with an idea for artwork, such as by using the NFT generator on this site, and then select the utility which will attract potential investors.

NFT Themed Ideas

A theme is a very important component of your NFT project. What makes a good project? A good NFT project catches the attention of people. There are so many cookie-cutter projects out there nowadays, by having a unique theme or NFT idea, you can capture the eyeballs of interested collectors. A good theme is novel, unique, and could also be something the audience can relate to. Here are some NFT themed ideas you can use for your next project.

  1. Mythical Creatures NFT: Design a collection of NFTs featuring mythical creatures from around the world, such as dragons, unicorns, and griffins. Each creature could be based on a different culture’s mythology and feature unique artwork.

  2. The Fashionistas: Create a series of NFTs that feature digital fashion items, such as clothing, jewelry, and accessories. These items could be worn by avatars in virtual worlds or displayed as artwork on social media.

  3. The Rockerfellas: Design a collection of NFTs honoring iconic rockers and bands from throughout history. Each NFT could include unique artwork and audio clips of the artist’s music.

  4. Nature-FTs: Showcase a collection of NFTs featuring beautiful landscapes and nature scenes from around the world. These NFTs could include high-quality photographs or digital paintings.

  5. NFT Quotes: Create a collection of NFTs featuring inspiring quotes from famous thinkers, writers, and speakers. These NFTs could be displayed as digital art or used to inspire people on social media.