[PSA] New Discord Hack Making Rounds In The NFT Space

A new Discord hack has been making rounds in the NFT space. Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself.

latest discord hack

How It Works

discord image not loading

Basically, the hacker will private DM a picture which looks like it didn’t load properly.


When you click on it, it will steal your Discord session token, let the hacker change your password and use your account freely.

Two-factor authentication will not protect against this.

Discord security is a big issue. Recently, the discord of BAYC got compromised and someone posted links which drained victims of their ETH and NFTs. (may or may not be related to this recent hack).

When a hacker gains access to a Discord moderator’s account or someone with influence, they can impersonate the account and post malicious links to scam their victims.

As a general security measure, always switch off private DMs in Discord.

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