y00ts NFT Review: Team, Utility, Roadmap, And More

The magnificent crew that brought you DeGods has released a brand new NFT project called the y00ts scholarship. This collection of 15k NFTs is second to none in an industry with literally thousands of verified NFT projects. Here’s all you need to know about the y00ts NFT collection.

y00ts nft review

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Who Is Behind The y00ts NFT Team?

Frank and his team from DeGods have been working hard on the y00ts scholarship for a while now, coupled with one of the best marketing strategies we have witnessed in the NFT space. Their Twitter profile was released back in 30 July 2022 and has already received more than 100k Twitter followers in just a month. Based on their track record within the DeGods NFT ecosystem, y00topia seems to be in pretty good hands.

What Is The y00ts NFT Project All About?

The y00ts NFT project is essentially a pfp collection that is attempting to rethink the way the NFT industry handles intellectual property. The team has developed ⓨ as their common-sense version of NFT copyright and ownership. Members will be able to develop sub-communities, create fan art, or even build businesses within the y00ts ecosystem, ultimately increasing the value of the y00ts NFT collection.

The first step in this ecosystem is to create the y00ts store. This is where members can submit their custom traits for approval. Once these traits have been approved, the owner(s) will receive the ⓨ for the trait, making them eligible to set a price, set the total supply, collect 5% royalties for every sale of the trait, or simply sell the entire ⓨ. Do note that each member can only submit 1 customised trait per month.

Besides that, members can also create and officially register sub-communities for various purposes. These sub-communities can even charge $SOL for entry or collect a % of royalties on all sales by their sub-communities.

All in all, these are just a few descriptions that the creators have envisioned for the y00ts community. Based on what we have seen so far in the NFT community, sky’s the limit to what they can achieve.

y00ts Official Links

y00ts Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/y00tsNFT

y00tlist Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/y00tlist

y00ts Website: https://www.y00ts.com/

y00ts Discord: https://discord.com/invite/y00ts

What Is The y00ts NFT Utility?

The y00ts store will be where all the magic happens. This community-led marketplace will host tons of customised traits that have been hand-picked and approved by the team. All submissions should be unique as the y00ts team will not approve any attempts to list derivatives. After 6 months, the store will not accept any more submissions from its members, and all new traits will come from collaborations with big apparel/lifestyle brands.

Furthermore, owners can choose to stake their y00ts and earn one ⓨ token every 30 days. These tokens can then be exchanged for any customised ⓨ trait from the y00ts store. However, if no traits have been added, these NFTs can stack up to 6 ⓨ tokens to increase its value.

What Is The y00ts NFT Roadmap?

For applicants accepted into the y00tlist, each t00b NFT costs 375 $DUST to mint. Whereas 100 raffle spots will be allocated for rejected applicants. The rejected applicants need to have $DUST in their respective wallets to be eligible for the raffle, where 1 $DUST equals 1 ticket, up to a maximum of 375 tickets. The best part is that the team will airdrop the NFTs to these 100 lucky winners for free. In addition, there is also a waitlist to mint NFTs belonging to no-shows.

From Friday 9 September onwards, the price will increase to 500 $DUST and will continue to increase 0.8325 $DUSTs per day until $DUST emissions end. After the minting event is over, secondary trading will then be available and we’ll see how the market reacts. 

Notable Celebrities In The y00ts NFT Community

The y00tlist is filled with influencers, celebrities, athletes, and other VIPs. So far, we have seen big time celebrities like Kris Barman, Justine Ezarik and Howie Mandel, all-time sports favourites such as Allen Iverson, Darren Till and Wayne Rooney, and various notable names in the greater blockchain space including Solana’s Austin Federa and Anatoly Yakovenko, Jimmy McNelis, Daramola, Cobie, and the list goes on.

Where To Buy y00ts NFTs?

You can buy y00ts NFTs on the secondary market on NFT marketplaces like Magic Eden and OpenSea.