The Complete Guide To Tip Coin (2023)

Welcome to Tip Coin, the future of social interaction on Twitter. Tip Coin is a new project that rewards creators – without ever leaving the comfort of your Twitter (or X) feed. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how Tip Coin works and how you can start earning and using Tip Coin points.

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What Is Tip Coin?

Tip Coin is the latest trend to hit the Twitter/”X”-verse. It appears to be a digital reward system that integrates with Twitter. It is designed to enhance social interactions on the Twitter platform by allowing users to be rewarded with digital points by creating content on Twitter/X.

How Does Tip Coin Work?

Tip Coin operates in 1-week epochs that began on September 1st, 2023, at 8:00 AM EST. Points you earn during an epoch can be claimed for $tip tokens during the following epoch.

Earning Points

  • Send tweets mentioning Tip Coin during the epoch to earn points and compete with friends.

Point Calculations

  • Tip Coin aggregates all your mentions and continuously recalculate engagement to update your points.

Token Calculations

  • Your percentage of the epoch’s token allotment is determined using points and account status.

Earning Tokens

  • Claim your percentage of the previous epoch’s tokens from the dashboard in the next epoch.
Example of how it works:

What Are Points Used For?

When you earn points, they can be used to redeem $tip tokens at the end of an epoch. This is akin to a form of reward-based airdrop for following the rules of Tip Coin.

How To Earn Points?

Earning points with Tip Coin is a breeze. All you need to do is use Twitter!

  1. Reply or Tweet: Mention @tipcoineth and include $tip in your tweet or reply, and you’ll automatically earn points.

  2. Point Multipliers: Depending on the type of tip, your multiplier will change as follows:

    • Original Tweet: 25x point multiplier
    • Tipped Reply: 1x point multiplier
    • Replied Kickbacks: 1/10 points per tip

Remember to keep an eye out for additional multipliers that may come your way.

How To Start Playing Tip Coin?

  1. Connect Your Account

    • Link your Twitter account to create your $tip account.

  2. Send “Join Message”

    • Activate your account by sending out your join message.

  3. Start Earning Points

    • Keep tweeting every epoch to generate points.

  4. Claim Your Rewards

    • After each epoch, claim your points for $tip tokens.

Tip Coin Epoch 2 Guide - How To Maximize Tip Points?

Epoch 2 officially starts on 9:00 PM EST on Sunday September 10th. Here’s our guide on how to fully maximize points.

How To Earn Points In Epoch 2?

The Tipcoin team has introduced enhancements and introduced fresh methods for earning points. The most significant alteration is that a mention is now only considered valid within 24 hours of the initial tweet’s publication. Consequently, it’s important to target not just popular tweets but also recently posted ones to maximize your points.

Original Tweet: 30x Multiplier

  • Must use $tip in the tweet
  • Max of 5 per tweets day
  • Min of 100,000 points per tweet

Tipped Quote: 10x Multiplier

  • Must be a quote of an original tweet (not a reply or other quote)
  • Original tweet must mention $tip
  • Your quote must mention $tip
  • Max of 10 quotes per day
  • Max of 1,000,000 points per quote, based on original tweet points

Tipped Reply: 1x Multiplier

  • Must be a reply to an original tweet (not a quote or other reply)
  • Original tweet does NOT need to mention to $tip
  • Your reply must mention $tip
  • Max of 15 replies per day
  • Max of 25,000 points per tweet, based on original tweet points

Kickbacks: 1/10x Multiplier

  • One per every $tip mention on one of your original tweets
  • The kickback is always equal to 1/10 the value of the original mention
  • For example, if someone creates a maximum reply, you would get 2,5000 points
  • The same logic applies to quotes, a maximum quote kickback would be 10,000 points
  • There is no limit on kickback points or count, and they will not appear in your dashboard

How are points determined? The multipliers mentioned earlier are applied to the tweet’s engagement level, which is calculated as follows:

  • Each view counts as 1 point.
  • Each like is worth 100 points.
  • Each reply contributes 250 points.
  • Each quote adds 500 points.
  • Each retweet grants 1000 points.

The new system calculates points independently, ensuring that they are now guaranteed to be accurate based on the metrics displayed on your dashboard.

Regarding receiving $tip:

  • When someone posts $tip on your tweet, you will also receive $tip along with a kickback.
  • To receive tips on your posts, you must be a registered user of our platform, authenticated via Twitter/X. This rule does not apply retroactively.
  • Each $tip kickback you receive is equivalent to 1/10th of the points earned from the original tweet.

In summary (TL;DR):

  • You can post 5 original tweets, 10 quote retweets, and 15 replies per day.
  • Points will only increase during the 24 hours following the original tweet’s posting time.
  • Original tweets receive a 30x bonus, quote retweets get a 10x bonus, and replies have a 1x bonus.
  • Epoch 2 will have a substantial allocation similar to Epoch 1. 


In an ecosystem flooded with content, genuine recognition often gets lost in the noise. Tip Coin bridges this gap, allowing users to reward and be rewarded, introducing a tangible element of appreciation in the vast virtual world.

Tip Coin Token Contract Address

The official Tip Coin Token contract address is: 0x0176b898e92e814c06cc379e508ceb571f70bd40

Official Links

Official Website:

Official Twitter / X Account:


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