Frank NFT – Another Meme NFT Takes OpenSea By Storm

If you’re active on NFT Twitter, you’ve probably come across an NFT collection called “Frank”. Here’s what you need to know about this viral NFT phenomenon.

frank nft

What Is Frank NFT?

Frank NFT is the latest viral meme NFT collection to hit the 1 ETH floor price mark. Previously, we’ve seen other meme collections achieve such results like Ghozali Everyday and Kevin Punks. In our view, The NFT collection does a satirical impersonation of all other NFT projects, and has the usual components such as Twitter, Discord and even retweeted a roadmap.

The NFT collection has gained a viral following and has been mentioned by other NFT influencers such as Farokh, AshleyDCan, The Drop and even the LooksRare Marketplace.

Does Frank NFT Have A Road Map?

They did not mention an official roadmap but they did retweet this.

frank nft roadmap

Where To Buy Frank NFT?

The official frankfrank NFT collection on OpenSea is here: frankfrank nft

What Is Frank NFT's Official Twitter LInk?

You can find it here: Frank NFT Twitter Account.