Upcoming NFT Projects, NFT Drops

Here you can find the updated list of upcoming NFT projects and NFT drops. Browse our table below, and scroll to right to see the rest of the columns. In our Upcoming NFT drops table, we list all the upcoming NFT projects by supply, price, launch date and time, and presale date and time (if applicable). This NFT drops list is updated daily.

NFT ProjectDescriptionWebsiteDiscordTwitterSupplyPriceLaunch Date (UTC)Launch Time (UTC)Presale Date (UTC)Presale Time (UTC)NoSaleTimeNoPresaleTime
Art DawgDog themed NFTshttps://www.splash.club/dawg/art-dawghttps://discord.com/invite/tQ7jv72jBVhttps://twitter.com/splashtokenclub6000$10006/03/202316:00:00
Cosmos KidzCartoon Kid themed NFTshttps://cosmoskidznft.comhttps://discord.com/invite/w4a4fCrHu5https://twitter.com/CosmosKidzNFT9999TBA
Creative FriendzNFT avatars on Ethereumhttps://www.creativefriendz.com/https://discord.gg/creativefriendzhttps://twitter.com/CreativeFriendz8888$005/14/20221:17:00
Dead Ape Clubhttps://deadapeclub.com/https://discord.com/invite/Q8ZQaMjv47https://twitter.com/DeadApeClub99990.02504/19/202420:48:0020240419204800
Great Apes KingdomApe Themed NFTshttps://greatapeskingdom.com/https://discord.gg/YnaZSJZgpGhttps://twitter.com/Greatapes_k10000Presale 0.05 ETH Public Sale 0.055 ETH
Naked Panda CrewPanda themed NFTshttps://nakedpandacrew.io/https://discord.gg/pmknJjjzmZhttps://twitter.com/nakedpandacrew3888$206/08/202212:00:00
Smart Elephanthttps://smartelephantexclusiveclub.com/https://discord.com/invite/6d5XabZJ3phttps://twitter.com/SmartElephantEC5555Presale: 0.035 ETH Public Sale: 0.0508/21/202321:17:00
Temple CatsCat themed NFTshttps://templecats.xyz/https://discord.com/invite/B3UqyxxF3Rhttps://twitter.com/templecats_nft3333$007/18/202212:21:00

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NFT Drops List

Are you looking for the latest NFT drops?

Wagmi.tips is where you go to find the latest NFT drops so you never have to miss an exciting NFT project. Visit our upcoming NFT project list here. If you would like to list your upcoming NFT project you can list your NFT here.

Why Scout For Upcoming NFTs?

Usually during an NFT launch, there is a lot of excitement and sales volume because investors want to mint the NFTs at mint price in order to get rare NFTs. Some just believe in the project so they want to ensure they get in as soon as possible. Regardless of your reason for investing in an NFT, researching upcoming NFTs is a great way to discover up and coming NFT projects, even some you may not have heard of.