How To Use ChatGPT To Promote Your NFT Project

If you recently hit a roadblock or are planning to launch a new NFT project, ChatGPT can be the jumpstart you need to get the show on the road. Without further ado, let’s see what this AI chatbot can do for you.

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What Is ChatGPT?

In its very own words, ChatGPT is a large language model developed by OpenAI. The system has been trained on a massive dataset of text from the internet, allowing it to generate human-like text and respond to a wide range of prompts, including questions, statements, and tasks. Users can use this AI chatbot to complete various tasks, ranging from casual conversations to coding and content creation.

Prior to the release of ChatGPT, OpenAI’s DALL·E 2 has also created waves as it allows users to generate photorealistic images through simple text descriptions. Together, these applications can be very useful tools for your upcoming NFT projects.

ChatGPT Examples

  • Explain Quantum Computing in simple terms
  • Got any creative ideas for a 10 year old’s birthday?
  • How do I make an HTTP request in Javascript?

ChatGPT Capabilities

  • Remember what users said earlier in the conversation
  • Allow users to provide follow up corrections
  • Trained to decline inappropriate requests

ChatGPT Limitations

  • May occasionally generate inaccurate information
  • May occasionally produce harmful instructions of biased content
  • Limited knowledge of the world and events after 2021

How To Use ChatGPT In Your NFT Project?

1) Roadmap Creation

Most NFT projects have a compelling backstory that introduces its characters and their background. In many cases, the backstory also introduces a theme in which the community can connect with, such as Okay Bears’ judgment-free kindness culture. So if you’re not really the creative, storytelling type, ChatGPT is well capable of assisting you.

Most NFT buyers also study a project’s roadmap before investing in the project. Entering 2023, there are plenty of examples from the tons of projects in the market. But if you still find that your project is missing that special something, you can give ChatGPT a shot.

chatgpt roadmap example
Example response generated from ChatGPT

2) Technical Guidance And Development

Given that many blockchain projects are open-source, ChatGPT has a wealth of knowledge that can help you to solve your technical difficulties. Whether it is smart contract creation, launching a Dutch auction, establishing a native token or a DAO, the AI chatbot got your back. However, there are many nuances and complexities when it comes to creating NFT smart contracts. So try not to get ChatGPT to code the entire program for you, even though it may be tempting. If possible, do consult a legitimate blockchain developer before deploying the code on the blockchain.

3) Generate Marketing Strategies For Your NFT

Today, creators face an uphill battle to navigate the bearish sentiment in the NFT space while battling the stiff competition in the industry. Using the correct marketing strategies can easily make or break a new NFT launch. In this case, ChatGPT can recommend several marketing strategies for your specific type of NFT project, or even create high quality marketing materials for you.

Here are example queries you can send to ChatGPT to help you with your marketing:

  • Write a landing page copy for my upcoming NFT project featuring 7,777 Magical Apes
  • Write a sample press release kit
  • Write a pitch to an NFT influencer asking for his help to promote my NFT


While ChatGPT can prove to be a very useful assistant in many cases, it is only as good as the data it is being fed. As such, its responses may be biased, inaccurate, or even inappropriate at times. It is also worth noting that the knowledge cutoff for the current system is 2021, so the responses may be outdated in some instances. Ultimately, all creators should be accountable for all aspects of their NFT projects, taking any necessary steps to mitigate the dangers of using such technology.

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