Best Discord Tools For NFT Community Management (Updated 2023)

Crypto and NFT projects today typically use Discord and Twitter as their main platforms for community engagement and management. While Twitter allows projects to reach a larger audience, Discord is where projects can form personal connections with their community. Users can create private servers where the community can have organised discussions, more privacy, better safety, and custom moderation.

discord tools for nft management

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One can strongly argue that if you don’t have an NFT community, you don’t have an NFT project. Community building is one of the most important elements in a successful web3 project. Great NFT projects such as World of Women and Deadfellaz have strong communities that circle around one or more prevailing themes. They share their thoughts, ideas, and concerns which often contribute to the growth of the project.

In this article, we will share some of the best available Discord tools you can use to better manage your NFT community.

A Must-Have Discord Management Tool

One of the most popular tools to start your community management journey is definitely MEE6, powering more than 19 million Discord communities and counting. Basically, this multipurpose bot allows users to configure moderation, levelling, implement custom commands, set up social media alerts, and more. This tool takes care of everything from saying hi to new members to giving them roles on the server. For some community managers, this may be the only tool they need to carry out their daily tasks.

On a side note, there is an increasing number of MEE6 alternatives that claim to have more features or a more affordable package. So do keep your options open.

Gated Community Tools For Discord

Ideally, your Discord server should host a community of like-minded individuals that can actually get behind the project and propel it to greater heights. Without good community management, Discord servers can quickly become a toxic environment that turns people away. These two tools should be able to help you to gate your NFT community.

Collab.Land: Adding this bot to your NFT Discord server ensures that only users that hold certain NFTs are allowed to join the server. Once they sell the said NFTs, the bots will automatically remove them from the server. This allows you to create holder-only channels, establishing a sense of exclusivity to reward your holders. 

Probot: Firstly, this multipurpose bot allows you to implement a fully customizable welcome message for your new members. It also supports more than 30 languages, ready for your global community. In addition, the bot includes an advanced auto moderation system that detects bad behaviours and responds to numerous trigger words.

Discord Community Engagement Tools

As the general attention span of this generation continues its downward trajectory, you need to ensure that you give your members a reason to come back. Aside from assigning roles, here are some engagement tools to spice up your NFT Discord server:

Dank Memer: This bot brings fun and games into your NFT Discord server, adding a tinge of cheekiness to the community. The bot allows users to send cute pictures, create their own memes, play mini games, and more. This tipbot allows users to send various cryptocurrencies directly on the Discord server. The service does not charge any fee and supports over 500 cryptocurrencies and tokens. NFT projects can use this to reward members or thank them for their many contributions. If this doesn’t keep the community engaged, I don’t know what will.

Discord Feedback Tools

Most NFT projects today preach the power of decentralisation and the importance of building a true web3 community. In that case, you will need to pay attention to the voices within the community. It is important that people know that they are being heard.

Decky: Decky collects feedback and keeps members in the loop, regularly keeping them informed on how their feedback is being used. As your community grows, it will definitely be increasingly difficult to keep track of requests, ideas, complaints, and other general feedback. On top of that, the bot also implements leaderboards and upvoting to let the members know that you are listening.

Snapshot: This DAO-like platform makes it easy to make decisions within a community through various voting mechanisms. This platform is built to support governance within a web3 community, where users can easily create proposals and voting without incurring gas fees. Of course, this means that voting is being performed off-chain and you just have to trust the powers that be. This is a simple yet powerful ticket bot to help with organising tickets. This platform allows the team to manage tickets and user permissions from a central control dashboard, establishing a systematic way of responding to tickets and eventually solving them.

Discord Activity Tracker Tools

Not all members have the same level of interest and commitment towards an NFT project. Activity trackers can filter the many members to identify those that are most committed, then maybe reward them in some way. Here are some of the tools that can help you track member activity:

Arcane: This multipurpose bot will take care of all your levelling needs while keeping the server clean. Levelling is an important feature that you may want to add to your NFT Discord server to increase server activity. Arcane provides you with a wide array of tools such as basic and voice levelling, reaction roles, advanced logging, and moderation features to properly manage and reward the members in a fair and transparent manner. 

Sourcecred: This is basically a tool for NFT projects to measure and reward active members. This tool allows you to reward the contribution and not the contributor, effectively giving out rewards based on the value created. The technology uses an algorithm to assign scores to contributions, which can come in the form of writing documentation, creating art, or making technical contributions. This is not just an activity tracker, but ultimately an experiment on community governance.

Discord Analytics Tools

Statbot: Discord Insights offers server-wide analytics if you want to understand your community better. But if you want to take server analytics to the next level, Statbot can be your go-to bot for in-depth data on your members and all channel activities. Statbot has literally thousands of channel counters that users can choose from. With these advanced analytics capabilities, it can even remove roles awarded to members over time if the said members do not deserve the roles anymore.

Other Recommended Discord Tools

Aside from the main categories above, here are some additional tools that may come in handy as you manage and grow your community:

Tweetshift lets you post Tweets right into your Discord channel, allowing members to like and retweet without even leaving Discord.

Double counter is a verification bot that blocks alt accounts, VPN and annoying bots in your Discord server.

GiveawayBot lets you hold giveaways easily on your Discord server, something your NFT community will definitely appreciate.