How To Grow Your NFT Twitter Account (2023 Guide)

If you want to grow your NFT community, Twitter is undoubtedly one of the most important tools you need to leverage, if not the most important. Twitter’s quick one-to-many interaction model, its 280-character limit, and its proficient algorithm has made it the #1 crypto and NFT social media platform today. So here are some tips for you to grow your NFT Twitter account.

how to grow your nft twitter account

9 Tips To Grow Your NFT Twitter Account

1) Discipline

Whether you have a big or small Twitter account, showing up everyday is non-negotiable. This includes tweeting regularly, replying to the community, making an appearance on Twitter spaces, and analysing Twitter analytics to understand various trends. Remember, consistency is key when it comes to growing your Twitter following.

2) Identify and dominate your niche

Small accounts can start off by tweeting about a single NFT project and be the loudest voice in that community. As the Twitter account grows, you can slowly branch out to cover more projects and eventually cover the entire space when your voice actually holds weight in the space.

3) Create an inviting profile

This starts with a clean profile photo such as an unobstructed facial photo or a high-res brand logo. The profile should briefly describe what the account is about, coupled with the relevant tags and industry keywords. Finally, you can give the community a taste of your personality, or maybe a theme that the project is supporting. This can include mental health, environmental sustainability, etc.

world of women nft
This profile is a clear advocate for inclusivity and equal opportunities. Credit: @worldofwomennft

4) Understanding what to do on Twitter

First and foremost, you need to master the art of tweeting. Tweet quality tweets within your niche, then post them at the time with the most active users online. According to Twitter, 97% of the readers tend to focus on visual content, so you might want to use more images and videos in your posts. And make sure you proofread your tweets a few times before hitting the big blue button!

Simple, yet powerful. Credit: @okaybears

Secondly, express your thoughts using threads. You can write something that interests your community in a clear, concise and timely manner. Remember to use bullet points instead of long paragraphs, and keep it as simple as possible. Check out this thought provoking thread by @punk6529.

Next, speak on Twitter Spaces everyday. This gives your account more exposure and effectively expands your network. Remember to articulate your thoughts clearly and you can possibly attract some like-minded folks in the process.

Lastly, replying to tweets plays an important role in growth and community engagement. You will reap larger dividends when replying to larger accounts or when they retweet your replies. Do treat each of your replies as a tweet on its own, where they can stand alone as individual thoughts and that they actually add value.

5) Engage with other NFT Twitter accounts

You can look out for accounts that are in the same space and prioritise them with likes, retweets, and replies. It’s always great to connect with like-minded individuals on the same journey, and you can also reach out to them for collaborations. Remember, building genuine connections is important in the web space and can go a long way in your journey towards NFT success.

6) Publish your account, EVERYWHERE

Depending on your NFT circle, you need to publish your twitter handle in as many relevant places as possible. This includes linking them to your website, or including them in your emails, newsletters, and business cards. You can also find existing clientele that are already using Twitter by uploading your email contacts and following them first.

For a quick boost, you can always run a followers campaign. Followers campaigns allow you to promote your account to a targeted audience, and you’ll only pay when someone follows you after seeing your ad.

7) Use Twitter Hashtags

Numbers don’t lie, tweets that use hashtags often receive more engagement. They generally make your posts more searchable, like some form of Twitter SEO. You can add various relevant hashtags such as #pfp and #nftart, or piggyback hot events such as #veecon2022 and #nftnyc to increase the likelihood of new followers.

twitter hashtags
Twitter Hashtags help you gain more exposure

You can use our Free NFT Hashtag Generator Tool to help you find the best and most popular hashtags related to NFTs.

8) Monitor your Twitter analytics

There are several important metrics that are easily accessible through the Twitter analytics dashboard or other more advanced analytics tools. They can help you to uncover trends and better understand your NFT community. This includes impressions, engagement, reach, response rate, likes, and many others.

A simple use case would be to replicate the type of tweets that perform well for your audiences.

9) Follow notable NFT Twitter accounts

There are more than a few NFT Twitter accounts that you can refer to for insights and ideas. Most of them are different in terms of personality, mindset, and are passionate about different things. Not everything works for everyone, so do check each of them out and develop your own style:

Hot tip: Look at their older tweets to see which type of posts gained a lot of traction. Success leaves clues.


Ultimately, your mindset as an account owner or community manager will determine the results in the long run. Besides, you need to continue building your knowledge and skills to consistently generate quality content, and that means getting out of Twitter sometimes.