Top 10 Asian-Led NFT Projects You Should Know About

Lately, NFTs have grabbed the attention of the Asian market which spawned a new wave of Asian-led NFT projects with great potential. Take a look at our list of the Top 10 Asian-Led NFT Projects You Should Know About.

Top 10 Asian-Led NFT Projects You Should Know About

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1. 8SIAN

8SIAN was founded by Nicole who had the vision to represent women and Asia in the NFT space. Its core vision is to create something authentic about the combined cultures in Asia. Today, 8SIAN is one of the most-hyped communities among Asian NFTs and recently had an event at the Metaverse Fashion Week. 8SIAN has fostered a strong community of Asian women in NFT and has great plans for the future. Some notable collectors of 8SIAN NFTs include DJ Steve Aoki and Matt Higgins from Shark Tank.

Followers: 37k

8SIAN’s Twitter

2. Azuki

These anime-inspired skateboarding characters bagged $300 million in transactions, surpassing the sales of BAYC and CryptoPunks tokens in the past month. This project is the creation of the startup Chiru Labs, which consists of Arnold Tsang, the lead character designer for the popular videogame Overwatch, and four other anonymous founders.

The project has been very generous to its supporters – after soaring in value, the developers airdropped NFTs worth 3.14 ETH for its holders. This airdrop was unveiled on April Fool’s day, which might make it one of the greatest pranks in the NFT world of the year!

Followers: 272k

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3. Capsule House

Capsule House is a project by Seerlight and Kaejunni and it draws its inspiration from gachapon machines, which are luck-based dispensers for little toys in capsules. Capsule House is a collection of 10,000 NFTs which grants its owners an access pass to the Capsuleverse. 

Followers: 41k

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4. PhantaBears

PhantaBears was launched by EzekClub and Jay Chou’s PHANTACi. These unique generated NFTs also function as Ezek Club membership clubs that grant its owners different access levels to the project. The project was extremely successful, with all 10,000 NFTs sold out within 40 minutes, totalling a value of $10 million.

Followers: 80k

Ezek Club’s Twitter

5. KarafuruNFT

Karafuru is a project that is born from a collaboration between the Museum of Toys, Urban Sneaker Society, and Indonesian illustrator WD Willy. The collection of 5,555 NFTs in this distinctive 2D style is based on 12 characters, and it has become among the top 40 all-time highest transaction volume projects on OpenSea.

Karafuru’s vibrant colors and Japanese cartoon-inspired art style define its unique looks. Recently, Karafuru collaborated with Hypebeast and atmos to release a 3d collection which is highly anticipated by their fans.

Followers: 309k

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6. Monfters Club NFTs

A Singaporean team is believed to be behind Monfters Club, although their identity is currently unknown. The rapidly growing project has just recently dropped its $Mon token and its roadmap. It’s an exciting time for its owners as it has grand plans, including its own metaverse space, NFT marketplace, and more.

Followers: 9k

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7. Red Hong Yi

Red Hong Yi is a notable name in the art scene and one of the early adopters of NFTs. Her NFT projects include Memebank, which was an exhibition of her design of banknotes and a commentary about inflation. Her piece, “Doge To The Moon”, sold for 36.3 ETH back in 2021. Currently, she runs Studio Red Hong Yi and leads a team of five to create artwork.

Followers: 5k

Red Hong Yi’s Twitter

8. Takashi Murakami

Murakami is an artistic trailblazer who has been known long before his NFT project, Murakami.Flowers. The Japanese artist is known for his pixellated interpretation of flower motifs, with influences drawn from classic Japanese paintings of nature and anime. He’s also collaborated with big brands and names such as Louis Vuitton and Billie Eilish.

In 2021, Murakami collaborated with RTFKT Studios on a project named Clone X which is a generative collection of 20,000 avatars. Later in the year, RTFKT was acquired by Nike. Murakami also famously collaborated with luxury watchmaker Hublot on a limited run of 100 watches made with colorful semi-precious gemstones.

Followers: 2.5m

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Followers: 144k

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9. Vissyarts

The Malaysian Visithra is a multidisciplinary artist who paints expressionism and pop surrealism paintings. Visithra has gained quite a following after her works attracted the attention of Hollywood celebrities in the likes of Reese Witherspoon, Snoop Dogg, and Jimmy Fallon. Her art has been exhibited in LA, New York, India, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Philippines and more. As of April 2022, her art has collectively sold for a total of 103 ETH.

Followers: 4k

Vissyarts’ Twitter

10. X Rabbit Club (XRC)

X Rabbit Club (XRC) is curated by Yi Shuihan from China. XRC is an NFT collection based on an IP known as Lengtoo (Cold Rabbit) which has a wide following exceeding 65 million followers on the internet. The collection of 7,502 NFTs is notable for its unique features and liquidity guaranteed by the ETH network. In the future, Yi plans to take XRC into the world of web3.

Followers: 44k

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