Cets On Creck NFT Review: Team, Utility, Roadmap, And More

The Cets On Creck NFT project is one of the more popular collections on the Solana blockchain. The project places community building at its forefront and they have built a pretty strong community in just a few months. Let’s find out what these cool Cets are all about.

cets on creck nft review

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Who Is Behind The Cets On Creck Team?

The team behind Cets on Crek is 313Labs. 313Labs focuses on building web3 brands, community, and culture. It acts as a neutral parent brand for the Cets On Creck NFT brand, aiming to bring more value to the ecosystem. Since the day of launching, there was a clear vision to build the most savage, most wild, and most creative community.

Currently, Cets on Creck is run by Peblo and his team of talents. The core team consists of an artist, a designer, a blockchain expert, a content creator, an operations master and a tech genius. However, they are yet to reveal the identities of these individuals.

What Is The Cets On Creck NFT Project All About?

The Cets On Creck NFT project is all about building a community of like-minded individuals, where everyone can express themselves freely and be completely unapologetic for who they are. In short, live life and love life! This is a small and close-knit community of only 6,969 Cets, making their own rules as they go. Clearly, it’s not for everyone.

The name ‘Cets On Creck’ is derived from ‘Cats On Crack’. Based on urban slang, ‘on crack’ usually means – to be crazy, and cats are usually free and live life on their own terms. This matches their brand value of being bold and unapologetic. Nevertheless, it is worth pointing out that they do not encourage or support the use of illegal substances, just to avoid any controversy around the brand.

Join the community, but only if you are Cet material. Credit: Cets On Creck

Cets On Creck NFT Official Links

Cets On Creck website: https://cetsoncreck.com/

Cets On Creck Twitter: https://twitter.com/CetsOnCreck

Cets On Creck Discord: https://discord.com/invite/creckhouse

What Is The Cets On Creck NFT Utility?

While the brand gives out a chill and carefree vibe, the creators have been working hard to create the Cets On Creck ecosystem. It is now filled with cool utilities for its community. For starters, the team has released a series of merchandise which includes caps, shirts, shorts, and hoodies. They are all sold out but the team should be releasing more in the near future.

The ecosystem has its own currency $CRECK. This currency can be used in the Bleck-Market, which is their own NFT marketplace. Cets can participate in raffles and auctions that take place from time to time.

There is also a staking feature through Stek, where owners can stake their Cets to earn more $CRECK rewards. At the time of writing, 5536 out of 6969 Cets have been staked, generating a minimum value locked of more than $10 million. In addition, Cets that drink Melk can instantly get 1.25x more $CRECK.

The Cets are hungry from more $CRECK, give them some Melk. Credit: Cets On Creck

What Is The Cets On Creck NFT Roadmap?

The team is actively looking to collaborate with artists/brands/entrepreneurs but only if they match the Cets On Creck ethos. They are looking for entities that are real and authentic, those that can sync with their ideology. This can include those from the urban music or fashion industry.

The team has made it clear that they will not dilute their brand values or make decisions just to fit into social norms. At the end of the day, what’s more important as a web3 company is to be real, plain and simple. Apart from that, the team will unlock more benefits, perks, and other dope stuff when the time is right. So stay tuned!

Cets On Creck NFT Price - How Much Do They Cost?

This collection launched in March 2022 with a mint price of 2 SOL. At the time of writing, the Cets On Creck NFT collection has a floor price of 23.99 SOL with a total trading volume of 377.4k SOL. Despite the drop in SOL prices, minters should have seen a satisfying appreciation among their Cets. The current Cets On Creck NFT floor price is:

Where To Buy The Cets On Creck NFTs?

You can buy Cets On Creck NFTs on NFT marketplaces like Magic Eden and OpenSea.

Buy Cets On Creck on Magic Eden

Buy Cets On Creck on OpenSea