Complete Guide To NFT Airdrops – How To Get An NFT Airdrop

The airdrop mania took the NFT space by storm during the 2021 NFT boom and is still an ongoing trend today. Many in the NFT community would love to get their hands on these freebies any given day. So here’s all you need to know about NFT airdrops and how you can get one.

how to get an nft airdrop

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What Is An NFT Airdrop?

With regards to the web3 space, an airdrop typically refers to a distribution of NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and other digital assets to a certain group of people. NFT airdrops are often used as a promotional tool to add value to members within a community, to reward them, or to attract attention towards a certain project. In most cases, airdrops are sent to the selected digital wallets for free, usually as a reward to early supporters of a Web3 project.

Types of NFT Airdrops

Not all NFT airdrops are created equal. Here are the different types of airdrops we have seen in recent years: 

  1. Standard airdrops: These NFT airdrops are used by the majority of creators/companies where the community is given a free NFT for participating in an event, subscribing to a newsletter, or other simple tasks that typically do not require you to spend any money. 
  2. Holder airdrops: These NFT airdrops are only reserved for existing token holders to add value or simply to reward them for being a part of the community. There is usually a snapshot date where all holders at that point of time will be recorded and they will receive the free NFTs. 
  3. Exclusive airdrops: These rare NFT airdrops are given to the special members in a community which can include the most loyal members or those that have significant contributions towards the NFT project. 

Projects That Have Given Airdrops In The Past

Many NFT projects have given airdrops in the past, even blue chip NFTs. For instance, Yuga Labs rewarded all Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT holders with the Bored Ape Kennel Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT collections. Besides BAYC, other NFT projects like Azuki, Karafuru, and VeeFriends have also showered their communities with amazing airdrops.

deadfellaz nft airdrop
13 limited edition Halloween NFT airdrops back in 2021. Credit: Deadfellaz

How To Find NFT Airdrops

Given that NFT airdrops are one of the more popular promotional tools in the space, these campaigns take place pretty often. You can easily find information on NFT airdrops through various NFT media. This is where some NFT projects advertise their upcoming airdrops.

In addition, you would want to follow or subscribe to your favourite NFT projects on social media as they are likely to announce their airdrops through their official channels. Many NFT projects have also mentioned future NFT airdrops in their roadmap, including the likes of Moonbirds and Invisible Friends.

Alternatively, you can follow NFT influencers who specialize in airdrop rumours. However, be warned that any purported airdrop alpha is purely speculative.

budverse roadmap
The Budverse NFT roadmap hinting at various events and airdrops. @budweiserusa

How To Avoid NFT Airdrop Scams

As enticing as these airdrops may be, it is especially this aspect that has exposed many NFT enthusiasts to scams, rug pulls, and phishing attacks. In the past, we have seen these traps being set up through fake links, social media impersonation, counterfeit collections, and many more ‘creative’ ways.

Therefore, before you claim any airdrop, blue chip NFTs or otherwise, it is always good to do a quick verification to be on the safe side. If possible, go to the NFT website directly through your browser instead of accessing them through links on social media platforms. (A common trick used is phishing sites that look identical to the original site and has an official-looking domain name).

In addition, do some research on the NFT creators especially if the airdrop campaign is being run by someone new on the NFT scene. You can check out the seller’s social media accounts, past projects, collaborations, etc. If it is by a reputable NFT creator, you should be able to verify the airdrop details through the official website and social media accounts. 

During an airdrop claim, beware of the information that is being requested. You should never have to disclose your private keys, seed phrases, or passwords to claim an NFT airdrop. Lastly, NFT holders should try to keep as much of their digital assets in a cold wallet. In the unfortunate event that hackers do get access into the NFT trading account, the other digital assets will still be safely tucked away.

How To Airdrop Tokens (For Creators)

On the other hand, if you want to offer airdrops to your community, there are several online tools at your disposal. NFT multisender tools such as Dropys takes care of the heavy lifting for you through a one-stop airdrop platform. After you connect your wallet, simply paste all the wallet addresses that you want to airdrop, select a token and quantity to airdrop, and you are good to go. The platform’s ‘Airdrop Analytics’ also allows you to gain insights on how each airdrop campaign is performing. The features include return on investment, conversion rates, and the customer acquisition cost.

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