DeGods NFT Review: Team, Utility, Roadmap, And More

Solana NFTs have been gaining a lot of traction since 2022 and the DeGods NFT project is definitely leading the charge. DeGods is currently a top 3 project based on the 7-day sales volume chart. It now sits among other blue-chip NFTs such as Pudgy Penguins and Moonbirds, a feat no Solana NFT project has ever achieved. Here’s all you need to know about the DeGods NFT ecosystem.

DeGods NFT Review

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Who Is Behind The DeGods NFT Team?

Co-founder Frank and Taylor started the DeGods NFT project with a small team of talented individuals. The project has three talented artists, namely SCUM, Sir Candy Apple, and Delilah. Other members of the core team include Finn, Chill, and Bob. Many of them are established talents in their respective fields, consisting of a few YCombinator alumni as well.

The team is not publicly doxxed and has no plans of doing so. As much as the NFT community wants their projects to be doxxed, DeGods have been able to achieve success while being pseudonymous. In a recent interview with Marc Colcer, Frank explained that this decision was made for the personal safety of the team. In addition, it allows them to be more confident in expressing their thoughts and executing the plans for DeGods without worrying about what other people will think of them.

What Is The DeGods NFT Project All About?

This Solana-based project features a deflationary NFT collection of 10,000 DeGods. The unlikely group of degenerates, punks, and misfits claim to be the gods of the metaverse, formed from the dust of Mount Solympus. In time, they will return to their original form, dust.

The team has introduced their own native token, $DUST. All holders can now stake their NFTs to earn daily $DUST rewards. They can then use these tokens to participate in auctions, raffles, games, and even mutate their DeGods into DeadGods. In the future, there will also be new collections that can only be minted using $DUST.

One of the deflationary measures introduced is the Paper Hand Bitch Tax (PHBT). This is a 33.3% tax incurred to any holder that sells their DeGods below the floor price or their buy price. The PHBT proceeds will go to a burn wallet to randomly buy and burn DeGods. To date, 535 valuable DeGods have been burnt to $DUST, handsomely rewarding the community.

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What Is The DeGods NFT Utility?

In less than a year, the team and its community has transformed a simple 10k pfp project into an elaborate NFT ecosystem. For starters, each DeGod can mint 2.5 $DUST tokens per day. Owners can then spend 1,000 $DUST tokens to transcend their DeGods into DeadGods, which can earn $7.5 $DUST tokens per day.

The DeMap allows verified holders to plot themselves onto the map where everyone can visually see their locations. Holders in the same location can then schedule meetups and collaborations. So far, quite a number of DeGods have met their co-founders within the community and established 54 successful projects worth $27m and counting.

As a community, the DeGods are collectively building their ecosystem through the DeDAO. 6.66% of the transaction fees from the secondary market goes to the DeDAO, and the remaining 3.33% goes to the core team. This fund will be used to acquire different assets for the DUST auctions and raffles, fund expansion plans, pay for community events, and reward community-based talents for various jobs.

Presently, there are various tools available for the DeGods collectors. For instance, the DeadGods Rarity Explorer allows users to check the rarity of every DeGods token in existence. There is also the DeGods Deal Finder that analyses the prices of available DeGods and their respective attributes, allowing buyers to find great deals on the market. And if you’re bored, you can always hop onto a DeGod Cast, a podcast for DeGods, by DeGods.

DeGods NFT Roadmap

The team has released their roadmap, which is basically a picture with no description whatsoever. So make of it what you will and be sure to stay tuned.

The DeGods Roadmap. Credits:

DeGods NFT Price - How Much Do They Cost?

The early holders have been enjoying some decent gains so far. This project launched back in October 2021 with a mint price of 3 SOL and today, it sits on a floor price of 575 SOL with a total trading volume of 969.8k SOL. Decent gains indeed. The current DeGods floor price is:

Notable Celebrities In The DeGods NFT Community

Some of the DeGods celebrity holders include Solana co-founders Raj Gokal and Anatoly Yakovenko, Magic Eden CTO Sidney Zhang, Ice Cube and others. Clearly, this project is on the top of the Solana NFT food chain.

Where To Buy DeGods NFT?

You can buy DeGods NFTs on several NFT marketplaces:

Buy DeGods NFTs on Magic Eden

Buy DeGods NFTs on Alpha Art

Buy DeGods NFTs on Solanart

Buy DeGods NFTs on OpenSea