Best NFT Games 2023 – The Complete Guide (Updated)

As you might already know, NFTs are unique collectibles that exist on a blockchain. A recent trend in the NFT world is NFT games, which blend gaming with NFTs and allow players to earn tokens. So what are NFT games and how do they work? We explore more in this article.

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What Are NFT Games?

First, we need to circle back to the basics – what are NFTs? NFTs are unique tokens that are on a blockchain. These tokens take the form of a wide range of media – images are most common, but there are also audio files, videos, 3D objects and more. An NFT owner holds the certified, unique token and a ledger of any transactions related to that token is made available to the public on the blockchain.

Now, how do games work with NFTs? Video games often have in-game items and collectibles. These items vary in rarity, just as NFTs do. These might be a rare, powerful sword in a role-playing game or a shiny gold cape in a multiplayer battle arena game. Let’s not forget how gamers are achievement hunters too! Many games have trophies for acquiring a certain amount of achievements. These in-game items and achievement trophies are all considered collectibles in the game.

If you’re wondering how NFT games are different from other video games, NFT games have in-game items represented as NFTs on the blockchain, which means the items are also tradeable and can be sold on marketplaces. So that rare sword or shiny cape you see in the game is also an NFT. Any type of game that has this element of NFTs involved is considered an NFT game.

Unlike other NFTs that just get stored in a wallet, players in these games interact with the NFTs in a virtual space. In a way, it’s a showcase of a player’s collection of NFTs. 

How Do NFT Games Benefit Players?

As NFT games vary greatly in genre and model, there might be many types of rewards that a player can earn. For example, Splinterlands is a collectible card game and players that have fulfilled all requirements are able to earn cards and Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), which are the game’s tokens.

In another example, 9D NFT is a martial arts game with in-game coins, equipment, and tokens, among some other categories of in-game items. Among these, equipment above a certain rarity can be converted into NFTs and the game offers the COGI token.

Types of NFT Games

While NFT games reward players with some type of NFT or token, they do so differently in every game. Broadly speaking, games that give players an NFT for playing belong in the play-to-earn category.

The most common type are pay-to-earn games. In this case, there is some type of buy-in requirement for players to be able to play the game. In other words, to earn, players will first have to pay.

There are also free-to-play games which allow all players to start playing the game without making any purchases. However, free players will not be able to earn any rewards until they meet the game’s criteria for earning, which usually requires a purchase as well.

Most play-to-earn games will require players to meet specific requirements such as taking part in a seasonal event or competition in order to earn.

Best NFT Games in 2023

Are you looking for NFT games to play? We’ve compiled a list of games that vary in genre and play-to-earn models so you could have a better idea of what might suit your interests! Let’s take a look at’ list of the best NFT games of 2023.

1) Splinterlands

Splinterlands is a play-to-earn collectible card game that is available on desktop and mobile devices – players could absolutely play this game anywhere! This rapid-fire card battle game allows players the chance to win collectible cards of various rarities, among other items such as card packs, magic potions, and Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), which is an in-game currency used to buy items in the shop. DEC tokens are currently priced at $0.0006792 each.

2) 9D NFT

This trending martial arts game has a distinct style that is influenced by Asian cultures. The play-to-earn game offers players the chance to earn COGI, the governance token of the COGIVERSE, along with other rewards such as items and COD, which is the in-game token for 9D NFT. The process to play to earn in 9D NFT is simple – players need to spend COGI to create a character which costs between 100-300 COGI, then the opportunity to earn tokens is unlocked!

3) Sandbox

The Sandbox is an open-world online multiplayer game that is based on Ethereum. The game is a virtual world that allows players to buy land, and monetize their gaming experiences and assets. Players use the SAND utility token to buy and sell virtual assets in Sandbox. LAND owners have the privilege of publishing games using the Game Maker as well. The Sandbox is one of the many Metaverse lands that offer gaming utility. For the rest, check out our full guide to Metaverse Lands here.

4) Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a creature collecting and battling game where players get to collect NFTs representing digital creatures known as Axies, which are axolotl-inspired digital pets. This game has been trending lately and boasts 2.8 million active daily players. It has a thriving community as evidenced by how there has been over $3.6 billion worth of NFTs traded in their in-house marketplace.

5) Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a free-to-play digital trading card game where players collect tradable cards to build a deck. Players battle it out to climb the leaderboards which also increases their chances of winning cards of a better quality. Gods Unchained touts how its players have complete ownership of their in-game items which are tradable for real-world currency. To date, there has been over $52 million worth of cards exchanged. 

6) CryptoKitties

CryptoKitties is a game that is on the Ethereum blockchain where players collect, breed, and trade virtual cats. Released at the end of 2017, It is one of the earliest games to utilize blockchain technology. These adorable kitties have unique traits and have distinct attributes which can be passed on to their offspring.


In summary, NFT gaming, play-to-earn NFT games provide fun and potentially lucrative utility to NFT projects, which can attract a lot of investors. However, it is advised to practice caution. History has shown time and time again, due to market volatility and all sorts of factors, not all projects will succeed. Always do ample research on a project before you invest in it to minimize your risk and maximize your gain. If you’re only in it for the fun and games, all the better!