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Are you looking to partner with other NFT or Web3 projects? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our NFT Partnerships portal lists other exciting NFT projects that are looking for potential collaborations. You may also list your own project in our partnerships portal by filling in the form below.

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Date Of ListingProject NameAbout Your ProjectContact EmailMessageProject Launch Date (Optional)
1/11/2023 13:28:36Wagmi.tipsNFT Hub For Guides, Tools And Drops[email protected]Looking for projects who wish to advertise to our thousands of visitors5/5/2050
1/11/2023 13:33:55Quantum ChainsHold on and win big prizes with our NFTs. Experience sportive moments with us. Great prizes and amazing surprises! Come join our quest to win. ❤️ “FootFings”[email protected]My new project Adam and Eav the creation of life launching in mid Feb. I am looking for #marketing JV partnership #nft #nftsale #NFTcollections #NFTCommunitys to help attract highly profitable DREAM clients and share revenue together. #influncers are you in? DM me.5/5/2020
3/29/2023 12:59:533VERESTAdventure to the top of the world in the 3VEREST experience[email protected]1,953 High-Altitude Mountain Climbers are ready for the ultimate adventure to the top of the world in the 3VEREST experience 🏔️⛏️ Playable in the Sandbox2/15/2023
4/3/2023 15:18:11jiangshilab.ioJiangshi lab is a collection of 8,888 exclusive NFTs on the Ethereum. Inspired by the Chinese folklore of the hopping vampire[email protected]We are looking for partnership / joint venture opportunities for our NFTs project7/1/2022
5/11/2023 3:00:34EggheadzThe collection is designed by Alin Bolcas, the super talented CGI designer who created Sonic the Hedgehog I and II (as credited on the movies).[email protected]Hi,

My co-founder, Joe, suggested I reach out here with this opportunity. Eth is on the ascendence and we have a fully invested ($300k), ready to go, NFT collection called to launch.

The collection is designed by Alin Bolcas, the super talented CGI designer who created Sonic the Hedgehog I and II (as credited on the movies).

See link below for a 5 minute video presentation overview. We want to find a collab partner, who believes in the collection to support us growing a community base for a target launch in June, benefitting from a revenue share. We expect a full sell out. Joe suggested you could be a good fit, or maybe you know someone who may want to be involved.
Let me know if you would like a call next week.

5/25/2023 5:47:52NEKO BENJI"Neko Benji", a unique and heartfelt collection that pays tribute to a special feline friend named Benji. As a child, I had a deep connection with this cat who had a personality unlike any other. Benji had an uncanny ability to understand human emotions and acted more like a dog than a typical cat. His name was inspired by the movie "Benji: The Haunted," which had a profound impact on me as a young moviegoer.Sadly, Benji passed away 19 years ago, but his memory lives on through this NFT collection. I believe that the power of blockchain technology can immortalize Benji and preserve his legacy for generations to come. The collection features unique and one-of-a-kind digital artwork that showcases Benji's remarkable personality and spirit.[email protected]we are looking for partnership in this nft project dm me in twitter @nekobenji
7/11/2023 18:25:27Metabuds NFT Collection🌱 Discover Metabuds: A Unique NFT Collection with Endless Possibilities! 🎨

Join us on an exciting journey with Metabuds, where we're crafting a collection of 3333 one-of-a-kind NFT assets. Each element in this collection boasts distinct characteristics, transforming them into highly valuable digital assets.

🌟 Our main objective? To provide you with an exceptional opportunity to own a truly unique NFT collection that serves both as a treasured keepsake and a lucrative investment. With varying levels of rarity, every single Metabud becomes an exclusive gem, exuding immense value.

🛍️ What's more, we have incredible plans to launch our very own merchandise, handpicked and sold exclusively by our vibrant community. As a proud Metabud owner, you'll reap the benefits of merch sales. We'll distribute the profits among all NFT owners, offering you a chance to earn additional income while remaining an active participant in our flourishing project.

🎉 But that's not all! As a cherished NFT owner, you'll gain exclusive access to thrilling events, captivating contests, and countless other opportunities that are reserved solely for you. We strive to foster an engaged community that passionately shapes the project's journey. We're constantly providing diverse avenues for our NFT owners to explore and enjoy.

💡 Our visionary Metabuds project seamlessly merges the realms of NFT and merchandising. We're here to cultivate a vibrant community that actively participates in the project's evolution, while reaping the rewards of their investments in our extraordinary NFT collection.

Step into a world where creativity meets possibility. Join us on this extraordinary adventure with Metabuds today! 🚀🌐

Official Website: []
Official Twitter: []
[email protected]we are looking for partnership in this nft project8/10/2023
1/11/2023 13:33:55The Cool Ape Club5555 of the Coolest Apes | Fully Doxxed Team | Community Focused[email protected]Cool Ape Club is a community oriented project. We want to support the NFT community by providing the best utility there is: Networking. Our DMs are always open! Let us know if you are looking for a collaboration or partnership opportunity! We are all in this together❤️5/5/2020

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Benefits Of NFT Partnerships

As the saying goes, no NFT project is an island. Working with other projects offers a variety of benefits such as access to new markets, increased liquidity and brand awareness. Projects that work together can reach out to wider audience and access new customer segments they’ve previously missed out on. There’s no shortage of ways projects can work together. Partners can come up with innovative ways to collaborate and develop new utility for their projects, making it a win-win for everyone involved.

Disclaimer: does not vet every project that lists here. Please do your own due diligence before partnering with any of the projects listed above. We will not be liable for any losses or gains incurred directly or indirectly as a result from working with other projects listed here.