VeeFriends NFT Review: Team, Utility, Roadmap, And More

The VeeFriends NFT collection does not have the best drawing by any measurable standards. However, they do have arguably one of the best communities, and one of the best utilities in the NFT space. Read on to find out more about this unique NFT collection.

veefriends nft review

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Who Is Behind The VeeFriends Team?

VeeFriends is the brainchild of none other than Gary Vaynerchuk, one of the most popular NFT influencers today. As a strong believer in NFT technology, the serial entrepreneur actively involves himself in consulting, investing, advising and speaking about NFTs. Ultimately, he understands that the best way to learn something new is to dive into the rabbit hole himself.

That’s when he decided to release VeeFriends. Interestingly, Gary imagined, created, and drew all the 268 characters himself, establishing the project base with literally his bare hands. 

What Are The VeeFriends NFTs All About?

The VeeFriends genesis collection features 10,255 NFTs that unlock various opportunities for its holders. The collection is not so much about the artwork, it is about IP, community, and legacy. It focuses on building a community around creative and business passions, leveraging NFT technology and its smart contract capabilities.

In April 2022, Gary and his team launched VeeFriends Series 2. This new collection effectively expands the VeeFriends community, featuring better artwork and a new set of utilities. Also, don’t forget Book Games and the VeeFriends Mini Drop, both exciting additions to the ecosystem.

On top of hand-drawing the characters himself, Gary Vee has given each of them alliterative names like ‘Empathetic Elephant’ and ‘Adventurous Astronaut’. All of these attributes are values that he wants to see more of in himself and in other people.

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What Is The VeeFriends Utility?

The most important utility  is definitely the access tickets to VeeCon, Gary Vee’s annual multi day superconference. Each of the 10,255 genesis VeeFriends NFTs produces 3 individual VeeCon tickets (VeeCon 2022, 2023, 2024). FYI, people were buying up the VeeCon 2022 tickets on OpenSea for as high as 2 ETH at one point.

VeeCon 2022 was one of the most, if not the most, sought after NFT events to date. The conference covers various topics such as entrepreneurship, marketing, ideas, creativity, and community building. Moreover, there were many celebrity appearances and performances, in-person meetups with many of the top NFT projects, interactive activities, and more!

Besides VeeCon, VeeFriends holders will continue to see airdrops and gifts showering over them. For instance, the Gift Goat holders recently received an exclusive Johnny Walker x VeeFriends package!

VeeFriends NFT Roadmap

So far, many things have come to fruition in the VeeFriends ecosystem. According to GaryVee, the VeeFriends NFT collection is just the beginning of his intellectual property empire. He vows to spend the next 45 years of his life to build his 268 characters into something meaningful, the likes of Harry Potter and Star Wars. The immediate steps in this direction include television series, video games, streetwear, consumer packaged goods, and many others.

We’re already seeing the VeeFriends UNO card game, VeeFriends x MaryRuth’s Accountable Anteater Multivitamins Gummies, VeeFriends x Primitive merch, and many more real world collaborations.

VeeFriends NFT Price - How Much Do They Cost?

VeeFriends started its journey with a Dutch Auction, where different categories had different starting prices. For instance, the lowest cost tokens started at 2.5 ETH and bottomed out at 0.5 ETH. At the time of writing, the genesis collection is sitting on a solid 8.1 ETH floor price, with a total trading volume of 54.8k ETH. Whereas the larger VeeFriends Series 2 has a floor price of 0.559 ETH and a total trading volume of 27k ETH. The current VeeFriends floor price is:

Where To Buy The VeeFriends NFTs?

You can buy VeeFriends NFTs on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible.

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