The Complete Guide To Friend Tech (Friend.Tech)

In this guide, we explore the hottest Web3 social trading platform that has taken the Web3 universe by storm – The social platform has grown immensely since its launch in a span of a few days. Learn all about it and how to use Friend Tech here.

how to use friend tech

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What Is Friend Tech?

Friend Tech is a new social trading marketplace that allows you to buy and sell keys (previously known as ‘shares’) of your friends’ Twitter profiles. Basically, you connect your Twitter account and people can buy your shares for a specific price and vice versa. The more people who hold your shares, the higher the share price is.

Features And Benefits of Buying Keys

When you buy someone’s keys (shares), you get to join a private chat group with all the buyers (keyholders) as well as the person you are buying. If you sell all you shares, you will lose access to the chat group. At the time of writing, the features of the chat are really basic. You cannot send pictures or other media files, only text. Links shared are automatically hyperlinked so there’s that.

Once of the cool features of Friend Tech is you are able to see the buying and selling activity of your friends.

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Friend Tech Airdrop - Will There Be One?

The Friend Tech has stated in their app that they will airdrop points every Friday to active users. There will be a total of 100M points distributed to users over the 6-month beta period. The points will be recorded off-chain and will have a special purpose once the beta period ends. What the special purpose is has yet to be seen.

How To Join Friend Tech?

In order to join Friend Tech, you need an invite code from an existing user. Here are some invite codes you can use:

  • ft-lgqcu4al
  • ft-oz8cusf0
  • ft-ghj9egt0
  • ft-32skd1f0
  • ft-96k2jkrz
  • ft-hnmvhmhq

What Currency Is Used To Buy Keys?

The currency is Ether on the Base blockchain. In fact, before you start using the app you will have to send some ETH to your Friend Tech wallet through the Base Chain Network.

Read our full guide to using Base to Bridge ETH here.

How Popular Is Friend Tech?

On August 20, Coin Telegraph reported that the platform has generated over 1M fees in 25 hours, surpassing the likes of Uniswap and Bitcoin networks. The app has attracted celebrities such as NBA players and Gaming Influencers like FaZe Banks.

How Is Key Price Determined?

The price of the keys is based on how popular the key is. Meaning, if more people buy the keys and hold them, the higher the price. At the same time, if you sell the keys, the price of the keys drop. The price of keys are very low when your account is new so the best time to get in is when no one else has bought any keys.

Potential Concerns With Friend Tech

With the growth of the platform comes its share of bad hats who might try to scam users who want to join. Our team has noticed many phishing accounts that try to impersonate the Friend Tech team in order to get users to sign into their malicious app instead. Please ensure you are only clicking on official links through their official Twitter account.


In summary, Friend Tech is primed to be a game-changing platform within the Web3 landscape, reshaping social trading and interactions through its innovative approach. With its rapid rise in popularity and the unique dynamics of key trading, Friend Tech is poised to redefine how users engage with social networks and financial interactions. We are excited to see how things go with this new platform.

Official Links

Official Website:

Official Twitter account:

The app is currently not on the App Store. When you visit the website on your phone it will prompt you to add it to your mobile home page where you can access the app directly.