Feetpix NFT Review – Team, Utility, Roadmap And More

The Web3 is no stranger to NFT projects that started out as memes that ended up extremely successful. In this review, we enter the world of Feetpix NFT, the quintessential meme collection said to kickstart the year of 2023 with a bang.
feetpix nft

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What Is Feetpix NFT?

As the name suggest, the project is a collection of… Feet pics. For the longest time, people have been making a killing selling pictures of their feet to willing buyers. It seems the team managed to turn this idea into its Web3 counterpart, attracting many degens in the process. The Feetpix NFT project features a collection 10,000 2D pixelated feet with a variety of traits ranging from feet color and accessories to clothes and stepping on poo/pee (literally).

Who Is Behind The Feetpix Team?

Right now, not much is known about the team behind Feetpix NFT. All we know is the team’s Twitter account who calls themselves “Feetdev”. Only time will tell if they decide to dox themselves.

What Is The Feetpix NFT Utility?

Most meme NFT projects do no promise any form of utility for its holders. The same goes for Feetpix, however, some may argue that meme collections are designed to curate a community of meme lovers who are there for the fun and community vibe. The project is a CC0 project which means its holders are free to do anything with the NFTs they own, commercially or not.

Feetpix NFT Roadmap

Again, the Feetpix team does not promise any roadmap however recently they teased recently that they were looking for volunteers for their “Mission to the moon”.

feetpix roadmap
Could the Feetpix team be hiring? Source: Twitter

Feetpix NFT Price

The Feetpix NFT collection started out as a free mint and the floor price has since ballooned to as high as 0.18 ETH in just a matter of days. This is quite uncanny since many meme or non-meme projects have been struggling during the bear market. There is also a running inside joke that the aim of Feetpix has always been to head to zero, however so far they have been unsuccessful. The current Feetpix NFT floor price is:


Notably Feetpix NFT Holders

So far, Feetpix has attracted the attention of degens and seasoned investors alike from other blue-chip NFT projects such as Pudgy Penguins, Cool Cats, Mutant Apes, and Cryptopunks, to name a few. The project shows no signs no slowing down, attracting more and more investors by the day.

Where To Buy Feetpix NFT?

You can buy Feetpix NFT on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Blur.

Buy Feetpix On OpenSeahttps://opensea.io/collection/feetpixwtf

Buy Feetpix On Blurhttps://blur.io/collection/feetpixwtf

Official Website: https://feetpix.wtf/