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feetpix nft

Feetpix NFT Review – Team, Utility, Roadmap And More

The Web3 is no stranger to NFT projects that started out as memes that ended up extremely successful. In this review, we enter the world of Feetpix NFT, the quintessential meme collection said to kickstart the year of 2023 with a bang.

best nft trading card games 2023

Best NFT Trading Card Games In 2023

We have seen the rapid rise of NFT card games in 2020/2021 followed by what seems to be a downtrend in 2022. However, investors are continuing to invest in this space as game developers continue to build amazing games. In this article, we highlight some of the best NFT trading card games entering 2023.

best polygon nfts to buy

Best Polygon NFTs To Buy (Updated 2022)

Recently, multiple mega companies have selected the Polygon network to release their respective NFT projects. Out of all the available networks in the market, why Polygon? Today, we introduce the Polygon blockchain and its growing dominance in the NFT space.

y00ts nft review

y00ts NFT Review: Team, Utility, Roadmap, And More

The magnificent crew that brought you DeGods has released a brand new NFT project called the y00ts scholarship. This collection of 15k NFTs is second to none in an industry with literally thousands of verified NFT projects. Here’s all you need to know about the y00ts NFT collection.

DeGods NFT Review

DeGods NFT Review: Team, Utility, Roadmap, And More

Solana NFTs have been gaining a lot of traction in 2022 and the DeGods NFT project is definitely leading the charge. DeGods is currently a top 3 project based on the 7-day sales volume chart. It now sits among other blue-chip NFTs like Pudgy Penguins and Moonbirds, a feat no Solana NFT project has ever achieved. Here’s all you need to know about the DeGods NFT ecosystem.

cets on creck nft review

Cets On Creck NFT Review: Team, Utility, Roadmap, And More

The Cets On Creck NFT project is one of the more popular collections on the Solana blockchain. The project places community building at its forefront and they have built a pretty strong community in just a few months. Let’s find out what these Cets are all about.

best solana nfts

Best Solana NFTs To Buy (Updated 2023)

Today, most NFT projects are built on the Ethereum network and the industry should continue on this trajectory, especially with the incoming Ethereum Merge. However, high gas fees and slow transactions have always plagued the Ethereum blockchain, leading creators and investors to look elsewhere for better alternatives. Look no further as we introduce the Solana blockchain.

memeland nft review

Memeland NFT Review: Team, Utility, Roadmap And More

Most of us are familiar with 9GAG and the work they have done for more than a decade. The #1 source of memes is now venturing into the web3 space starting with their Memeland NFTs. If history is any indication, you might want to pay attention to this project.

10ktf nft review

10KTF NFT Review: Team, Utility, Roadmap And More

While there are many NFT derivative projects in the space today, 10KTF definitely seems like the one to beat. Led by a strong team, 10KTF has the backing of a strong community as they continue to build their NFT ecosystem in New Tokyo. Here’s an in-depth review of the 10KTF universe.