Fidenza by Tyler Hobbs NFT Review

Fidenza by Tyler Hobbs is one of the ‘OG’ Blue Chip NFTs. It is a generative art collection by a Tyler Hobbs, an expert at computational aesthetics, who develops custom algorithms that can create unique works of art by computer. Let’s dive deep into the Fidenzas in this article!

fidenza nft review

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What Is Generative Art?

The Fidenza NFT collection is a type of art collection called “Generative Art”. Generative art is art created by a computer program or algorithm, often with user input. A generative art program is created with a set of rules or parameters. The computer program randomly applies the rules to create a unique work of art each time the program is run. This type of art is often abstract and organic in nature, and it can be used to explore or express ideas, or to create interactive and unpredictable works of art.

Who Is Tyler Hobbs?

Tyler Hobbs is a visual artist from Austin and is the creator of the Fidenza NFT collection. He is an expert in the field of computational aesthetics and develops algorithms used to create unique works of art by computer. His artwork has been showcased globally and has collectors from all over the world.

What Is The Fidenza NFT Collection?

The Fidenzas were minted on Artblocks’s Heritage Art Blocks Collection: Curated series 3. The entire collection was generated by al algorithm and the collection size is 999. It is one of Tyler’s most versatile algorithm to date. Although the program stays focused on structured curves and blocks, the varieties of scale, organization, texture, and color usage it can employ create a wide array of generative possibilities, thus producing the masterpiece we see today.

What Is Fidenza NFTs Utility?

Simple put, there is no utility as it is an artwork collection. However, given the popularity of this project, the owners of Fidenzas typically gain some level of bragging rights, as a holder of the unique and valuable NFT collection. That said, many other art projects has aligned themselves with Fidenzas. One project, Botto airdropped $BOTTO tokens to anyone who collected ArtBlocks curated collections in the past.

Why Are Fidenzas So Expensive?

Fidenzas are expensive because of its rarity and the time, skill, and effort that goes into creating it. Additionally, because of its unique and often oneofakind nature, the art is highly sought after and can be seen as a valuable investment. Furthermore, the art market is very competitive, so the demand for a particular work of art can drive up its price.

Fidenzas NFT Roadmap

The project does not have a roadmap unlike other usual 10K PFP NFT Projects.

What Is The Price Of Fidenza NFTs?

When it first minted in October 2021, the mint price was 0.17 ETH. At the time of writing (2023), the floor price of Fidenzas is a whopping 77.9 ETH ($132K USD). So far the NFT collection has transacted over 55k ETH in volume. The current floor price is:

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Where To Buy Fidenza NFT?

You can buy Fidenzas on the secondary markets on marketplaces such as OpenSea.