Karafuru NFT Review: Team, Utility, Roadmap, And More

Remember when we were kids, we used to save up so we could buy a toy capsule from the gashapon vending machine? The Karafuru NFT collection certainly brings back memories of those days. With 5,555 different combinations, let us introduce the colourful playground of Karafuru!

karafuru nft review

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Who Is Behind The Karafuru Team?

Before entering the NFT space, Indonesian illustrator WD.Willy created illustrations for books, board games, and various merchandise. He has worked with many large brands including Asus and The Executive. Besides that, he also creates urban toys for Museum of Toys (MoT). In one of the events, the MoT co-founder casually expressed the company’s vision of releasing an NFT collection. Willy happily agreed to help and the rest is history.

What Is The Karafuru NFT All About?

Willy got his inspiration from his love for Japanese manga and animation since he was a child. The word ‘karafuru’ originates from a Japanese word meaning colourful. This can be seen through Willy’s cheerful and colourful art style across the entire NFT project. This collection features 5,555 generative arts, combining over 1,000 traits that make each of them unique. 

Similar to many Anime series, the Karafuru story begins with a group of characters and a place. Each character, be it a human, a robot, or an animal, has its distinct features and appearances.

Karafuru Characters

The core group includes Mosu, Kiba, Otan, Egao, Kuyaku, Futo, Uzachi, Torao, Shi’Rai, Ku’Roi, Goji, and Ikai. These 12 characters would often hangout at The Playground, the heart and pride of Karafuru.

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What Is The Karafuru NFTs Utility?

All holders of the 5,555 Genesis Karafuru NFTs will get free 3D versions of their artwork. A voxel and a pixel counterpart will be packaged together so that all holders can immerse themselves in different metaverses as proud Karafuru members. To complement that, the team has already secured land in The Sandbox, Ape Land, Arcade, and other metaverses.

As a bonus, all Furus will gain access to exclusive Karafuru merchandise. The hottest series is of course the one in collaboration with HYPEBEAST and atmos. The team has strategically forged this partnership, aiming to bring the brand to the global stage. Holders can also claim a physical collectible, courtesy of Museum of Toys.

The team is actively engaging with external parties to bring more value to its community, inside and outside the NFT space. Remember to stay tuned to their social media channels for the latest collabs!

What Is The Karafuru NFT Roadmap?

There is still a large chunk of 2022 left to navigate, and the Karafuru team certainly has great things in store. With the Karafuru Carnival and NFT.NYC in the books, the community is no stranger to physical events. There will be at least one more carnival in 2022, so keep an eye for that.

A few days ago, holders received a surprise airdrop in their wallets. They can see the NFTs, but nobody knows for sure what the packages contain. Many holders are speculating that these may be companion NFTs such as the Bored Ape Kennel Club NFT collection. Whatever it is, it sure is a pleasant surprise for the genesis holders.

Another important milestone for the team is regarding the use of Karafuru’s IP. Currently, the team does not allow holders to use the Karafuru logo. The holders have been waiting for a while now, and the team has promised to finalise the terms and conditions with the legal team soon.

Lastly, the Karafuru online store just launched and is shipping cool merchandise worldwide. Nevertheless, the team will continue to add new merchandise as the brand continues to grow.

What Is The Karafuru NFT Price?

Back in February 2022, the presale price was 0.2 ETH, while the public Dutch Auction* started at 0.5 ETH and bottomed out at 0.25 ETH. In the first week itself, the project was already in the top 50 list by all-time sales volume. During its peak, Karafuru NFTs were experiencing an average price of over 5 ETH. At the time of writing, the project has a floor price of 0.639 ETH with a total trading volume of 44.1k ETH.

*A Dutch Auction is where the price starts at an initial price (ceiling) and drops by a small amount periodically until it hits the lowest price (resting price).

The current Karafuru NFT Floor Price Is:

Where To Buy Karafuru NFT?

You can buy the Karafuru NFTs on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and LooksRare.

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