OpenSea Pro: The Ultimate NFT Marketplace Aggregator for Advanced Collectors

Discover OpenSea Pro, a powerful NFT marketplace aggregator designed for power collectors, offering advanced tools, zero fees, and an enhanced buying and selling experience across 170+ NFT marketplaces.

opensea pro

What Is OpenSea Pro?

OpenSea, the premier NFT marketplace, has announced the launch of OpenSea Pro, a powerful new platform for NFT collectors. Built on the foundations of Gem, a leading NFT aggregator acquired by OpenSea in April 2022, OpenSea Pro expands and enhances the NFT buying and selling experience.

The new platform aggregates over 170 NFT marketplaces, providing users with unparalleled liquidity and control over their purchases, offers, and listings. Users can expect zero OpenSea marketplace fees for a limited time, along with the most optimized gas fees in the industry.

OpenSea Pro boasts the fastest collection updates in the industry, advanced inventory management, and a fully mobile-enabled experience. The platform is designed primarily for power users, offering live cross-marketplace data, advanced orders, powerful inventory management, instant sales, optimized gas fees, and mobile compatibility. Additional features include a watchlist, live mints overview, batch transfer, and more.

As part of the launch, OpenSea is offering a promotional period during which users can list on OpenSea Pro with 0% fees. This promotion is separate from the standard 2.5% fee on the main OpenSea platform. In the long run, OpenSea plans to focus its roadmap on improved discovery, simpler onboarding, mainstream payment options, and an increased investment in creator tools.

To celebrate the launch of OpenSea Pro and express gratitude to the early adopters of Gem, the company is announcing the ‘Gemesis‘ NFT drop. Qualified users who purchased an NFT on Gem before March 31, 2023, can claim a free Gemesis NFT through May 4, 2023.

OpenSea remains committed to expanding the NFT ecosystem and catering to the needs of different user segments. By offering distinct platforms like OpenSea Pro, the company aims to create a more tailored user experience for various categories of collectors.


1) Where can I mint Gemesis NFT?

You can mint Gemesis NFT via the official link at if you are eligible.

2) What is Gemesis NFT?

Gemesis NFT is a non-fungible token that represents a unique digital asset created by the Gemesis team.

3) How can I check if I am eligible to mint Gemesis NFT?

Visit to see if you are eligible to mint.

4) Is there a limit to the number of Gemesis NFTs that can be minted?

The mint limit is 1 per wallet for community mint

5) Can I sell my Gemesis NFT?

Yes, Gemesis NFTs can be bought and sold on various marketplaces that support NFTs, including OpenSea.

6) What are the benefits of owning a Gemesis NFT?

Owning a Gemesis NFT gives you ownership of a unique digital asset that can be used for various purposes, subject to the purview of the OpenSea Pro team. The value of the NFT may also appreciate over time, depending on market demand.