Alien Frens NFT Review: Team, Utility, Roadmap, And More

Being part of the Alien Frens community not only gives you an awesome profile picture, but lifelong bonds among 10,000 other Frens! With a solid team, a welcoming community, and an ever-evolving roadmap, the rapid growth certainly comes as no surprise. Check out this comprehensive review to know more about the Alien Frens ecosystem!

alien frens nft review

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What Is The Alien Frens NFT Project All About?

The Alien Frens NFT project has a simple mission: to build the largest group of Frens in the metaverse. This community-driven project is built on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-721 token. The artist has designed 4 factions with different rarities, with XENOS being the most common and OLUs being the most rare Frens. The rarity of the NFTs will influence the market value and also the chance of winning juicy prizes during various events.

Alien Fren Rarity

alien frens rarity

Who Is Behind Alien Frens Team?

The Alien Frens core team consists of 5 talented individuals that complement each other in building the Alien Frens’ future.

Alien Frens Founder cum Artist/creator/leader: Mason Crowe is the 2D/3D artist from Ohio that came up with the Alien Frens idea.

Marketing lead: Justin Brown is in charge of all the Alien Frens products, events, intellectual property, and other relevant aspects within the ecosystem.

Developer: AUTOPIXEL is an experienced NFT and DeFi expert connecting blockchains to real world applications.

Community manager: Gabriel Montane handles the most important aspect of the NFT project, its community. This includes community engagement and project partnerships.

Partnership lead: Sean Herron has an elaborate experience in building brands and teams. Being behind the scenes most of the time, Sean spearheads many partnerships and supports the team members in building the ultimate NFT project.

Alien Frens NFT Official Links

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What Is The Alien Frens Utility?

With 10,000 available NFTs, holding the Alien Frens NFT gives holders instant access to thousands of like-minded individuals from different backgrounds and experiences. As a bonus, the team has been very generous in rewarding its holders. They have spent millions of dollars in giveaways, apparel, in-person events, and quarterly prizes.

Being a community-first project, the team makes it a point to organise 3-4 physical events in a year. In addition, holders often get whitelisted for exclusive NFT projects. In the past, some of the holders managed to get whitelisted for Quirkies, Cool Pets, 3Landers, and many others.

In April 2022, each OG Alien Frens holder received an incubator to produce one Alien Frens Evolution (AFE) NFT at 0.25 ETH. Those unminted AFEs were then released to the public sale, effectively expanding the community.

Moreover, owners of both the OG and AFE NFTs have access to an exclusive holders-only Discord channel, physical events, and exclusive clothing items. Holders also have the opportunity to earn FREN coins which can be used later in the Alien Frens store.

What Is The Alien Frens NFT Roadmap?

The Alien Frens roadmap is released on a quarterly basis. This allows the team to incorporate the latest feedback from the community and make the necessary changes in their corporate direction.

The Q1 and Q2 milestones have been successfully achieved and the team is in the process of releasing the next quarterly roadmap. One thing that the community is looking forward to is definitely the Alien Frens comic books, which are currently in production.

Alien Frens NFT Price - How Much Do They Cost?

The Alien Frens NFT collection held a mint price of 0.02 ETH during its launch. Since then they have climbed the NFT ladder, easily placing themselves in the top 100 projects with regards to all-time sales volume. At the time of writing, the project has a floor price of 0.586 ETH with a total trading volume of 28k ETH. The current Alien Fren floor price is:

Where To Buy The Alien Frens NFT

You can buy Alien Frens NFTs on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and LooksRare.

Buy Alien Frens on OpenSea

Buy Alien Frens on LooksRare